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2126Agenda for meeting on 21st April

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  • Rajaraman Krishnan
    May 17, 2017
      Date and Time: April 16th Sunday at 9:30 am.

      Note lunch will be served and the meeting is likely to take till 4:00 pm.

      Venue: Bhaskar's Residence, Venus Colony (Bhaskar please send the address and directions).


      1. Financials update.

      2. Plans for improving our administration
          * Have a sublease with Solnet for 1+ workstations so that we can change address and a place for our admin person(s) to work -- see next point.
          * Engage Murthy (Malliga's husband) 3/4ths time like with Malliga and have him do all our accounts work. He can also do the accounts at Thiruvallur a few times a month which will help us deal with the expansions occuring there. He will also handle most of the imprest account handling work which is currently being done by me.
          * This will also free up Malliga to do more of the project related work which Saraswathi and others have asked for time to time.

      3. RightStart planning.

      4. Project Proposals for 2017-18
          * Project Sangamam Kanini -- Rajaram (This was missed out last meeting due to lack of time).
          * Project Pearl -- Bhaskar.
          * Project Thulasi -- Paripooranam.
          * Project Manigal 1 and 2 -- Saraswathi.
          * Project Deepam -- Vijaya.
          * Asha Scholarships -- Vijaya and Geetha.
          * Poorna Vidhya -- Kasturi.
          * RightStart -- Rajaram
          * UQE Thirunelvelli -- Ananth

      5. Updated proposals -- Sangamam, Hysco Sangamam.

      6. Funding allocations for the projects -- Given that we have a proper idea of the financials (see item 1 in the agenda), we can also do the allocations right away and start the process of transferring funds from US to India as required.

      Note that this is a long meeting as it is. So please come to the meeting on time. Some of the volunteers I had talked to mentioned that they will need to leave after lunch. If many people need to leave after lunch, we will have to move the remaining proposal review and funding allocations to the June meeting. I would prefer to finish it in this meeting.


      ps. Please let me know if there are any additional items to be discussed.

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