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Minutes of meeting 20th Feb '05

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  • Garima Bhatia
    Minutes of todays meeting are attached. Regards, Garima ... Minutes of the meeting on Feb 20th, 2005 at Cubbon Park, 11 AM Attendees: Venkat, Sanjay, Balwant,
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      Minutes of todays meeting are attached.

      Minutes of the meeting on Feb 20th, 2005 at Cubbon Park, 11 AM

      Attendees: Venkat, Sanjay, Balwant, Akshita, Siva, Sujata, Garima,
      Vineela, Vijay, Shiva

      * Garima gave an introduction to Asha to the new volunteers. There were
      some questions and discussion about various aspects of Asha Bangalore.
      A number of new volunteers were at the meeting. Venkat to add them to
      our Asha Blr mailing lists.

      * Siva gave an update on the accounts front:

      - Raja and Siva will be signatories to the Asha Bangalore a/c to be
      opened after 31st March, for the next financial year. A/c will be in
      HDFC or ICICI. Asha Mumbai has opened one in ICICI. Siva to contact
      Lucknow for a/c opening formalities and paperwork.

      - Monthly Pledge Scheme (MPS): Commitments to the tune of Rs. 1
      lakh/yr have been collected. We also have a Rs. 40k donation about
      which Siva will send details. We now have the capacity to take on a few
      more projects and set a target for fundraising for next year. More
      publicity for the MPS should be done by all members after we open our
      bank a/c.

      - Calendars: Garima updated on the status. We sold 360 calendars this
      year for a net profit of around Rs. 20,500. This money will be added to
      the chapters pool of funds and used for new projects as the group
      decides. It was also suggested that next year we contact bookstores
      like Crossword to get them to stock and sell the calendars.

      - Zoo trip for kids: Siva has the details and money will be
      reimbursed to whoever has provided receipts to him. The money will come
      from MPS funds.

      - Painting competition: A/c closing still needs to be done. All are
      requested to contact Siva for reimbursements. With the ads/brochure
      money coming in, we may have made a small profit from the painting
      comp. Siva will update on the details.

      - Siva will be closing the accounts for this financial year by March.
      He also mentioned that this year on, we should publish our annual
      accounts summary on the web, like the US chapters do.

      * Projects discussion:

      - A number of project proposals have been received by Asha Blr. There
      is a need to systematically track these with site visits, reviews and
      funding decision. Three recommendations were agreed upon by the
      (i) All projects need to fill out the standard Asha projects
      questionnaire which should be put up on the web. Vijay volunteered to
      prepare this for Asha Blr by using Seattle's template and modifying
      (ii) Siva suggested that we should put on our website a projects
      log, with an updated list of projects, status and Asha contact details.
      All new proposals received would thus be tracked through the website
      and be accessible by anyone. Volunteer is needed for this item.
      (iii) Each project also would be assigned a project 'steward', ie,
      an Asha volunteer who will be the single point contact for the project,
      and be responsible for arranging site visits, obtaining reports,
      funding requests and keep the group informed.

      - A few visits have been carried out by Asha Blr volunteers in the
      last few weeks. Thomas will be sending a report on the Bidar blind
      school visit. Pratibha will write the report for the Kolar visit.

      - There was some discussion on the email from Kentaro about the BTR
      basketball project. The project proposal is to be put into standard
      format first. Then we need to evaluate the request keeping the
      perspective of our ongoing projects and the renumeration we pay to
      teachers we have appointed at the Govt. school. It was also suggested
      that Asha Blr could get involved by funding basketball workshops for
      our kids from the Govt schools.

      - Venkat mentioned about a project in Dharmapuri which had contacted
      Silicon Valley for funding, but did not have FCRA. Now they have
      obtained FCRA and would like Asha to consider their proposal. More
      follow up action to be taken after the filled out projects
      questionnaire is received by Venkat. We decided to direct the project
      back to Silicon Valley, and we could help out with site visit if

      * Other items:

      - Painting competition feedback: Muzaffar will be compiling a log of
      useful information, that can be utilized next year by the organizing
      group. Siva to provide him details on food arrangements. Garima to
      provide details on ads and sponsorships. Others who have been
      responsible for making any of the arrangements (Shashi - audio, Vanita
      - painting supplies, Suja - judges and chief guest, Srikanth - printing
      certificates etc) please email Muzaffar your inputs, please include the
      contacts you tried (successfully or not), and any other details that
      should be noted down.

      - New volunteers are requested to send any feedback (positive or
      negative) about the painting competition and how things could be
      improved next year.

      - Siva mentioned a number of opportunities for new volunteers
      including (i) an effort to make a web interface for district specific
      data on schools in Karnataka (ii) a small project for a Delhi based
      resource center, Nirantar, where they need help with analyzing some
      data on the effectiveness of their work, and preparing a report..
      please contact Siva if interested.

      - The idea of an Asha South regional had been floated a few meetings
      back. It was decided to work on this and organize it after a few
      months. Need a volunteer for taking this on - contacting Asha Hyd and
      Chennai, planning dates, venues, agenda etc.

      - Garima suggested a possible next event for Asha Blr, a fundraising
      event where we organize a festival of films (Indian and international)
      related to and about children. Various groups in Bangalore are already
      active in the films screening circuit. Garima to contact them to figure
      out logistical details and copyright issues if any, that may be
      involved. The films screened would be from a personal DVD collection.
      Need another volunteer to help with planning this.
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