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Fireweed Distillate Does anyone know where I can find Fireweed Hydrosol (Erechtites hieracifolia)? Thanks in advance! Dale

Jun 6, 2010

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Re: Hi everyone!! ... so much with colds and sinuses, but i love lavender the best that oil works the best on me good for insomnia and pains.. love it!

Mar 1, 2006

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Newbie Hi everyone, I would like to introduce myself to you all. First of all, I am a mother of four children (3 girls and 1 boy) and I live in Australia (I actually

Sep 16, 2005

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Hello Hello everybody i am new member of your group my greentings to all if just few days back i read an article about aroma therapy it was very intersting and

May 20, 2005

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Hey!! Where Is Everyone At? Hello? Hello? Wanna share a recipe or an EO that you would like to discuss? Miss Being Around Here!!! Leave Love On Your Footprints, Sheryl

Jan 21, 2005

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Greeting Hi everyones ! I just join this group and also i am love aromatherapy very much . Thank you . Regards, Chris Loke

Aug 17, 2004

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Re: [A Scentsable Life 2000] HEY Hi Suz, No the managers did not quit but unfortunately life has totally consumed both of them. I am one of the owners of the list and I am around kinda. So

Jennifer Gerlitz
Aug 1, 2004

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HEY Hi Where is everyone, did the manager quit. I want to learn about aromatherapy. :( suz

Suzanne Watson
Aug 1, 2004

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Hi everyone!! Hi everyone, Greetings from Singapore. There seem to be an interesting discussion going on quite some time ago. It looked pretty warm in here. I am glad that I

Jun 4, 2004

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Wonderful blends try these out, you will love: A. Erotic Clary Sage: 1 drops Cypress or Pine: 2 drop Jasmine: 4 drops of 3% dilution B. Erotic Plamarosa: 2 drops Cypress or

Apr 24, 2004

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Need Help I need help has anyone heard of this, any info. would be appreciated. They now have my Aunt on high doses of steroids for the Pulmonary Fibrosis. Love and

Barbara Seaman
Jan 25, 2004

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Fibromyalgia Paper Hi everyone! What happened in here? There seemed to be alot of commotion a little while back and I thought this group was gonna get rolling again. Where is

Nov 7, 2003

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High Quality -- But Rarely Seen (?) -- Essential Oil Suppliers Hello all! In a never-ending effort to satisfy my quest to add the most exquisite oils to my collection, I kindly ask your assistance in providing sign-posts

Sep 1, 2003

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infusions Hi! I'd like to get going on some infusions. I've got lots of flowers and herbs to use. Question is: Should I use dry or fresh? Then depending on dry or

Aug 27, 2003

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Re: [A Scentsable Life 2000] Hey Everyone!!!! I Will Be Back!!! Jen, If you have info to share on Fibroand I have a dear friend who has it and loves to use EOs...but I've never known enough to advise her on that. So if

Aug 1, 2003
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