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Re: [2IIM CAT Prep] RE: [Ascent CAT] permuations

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  • muhammed shah
    hey thanks a ton buddy Venkatraghavan P. ( Graduate Engineer Trainee ) wrote: Solution: In a boat 8 men are there so 4 on
    Message 1 of 3 , May 29, 2007
      thanks a ton buddy

      "Venkatraghavan P. ( Graduate Engineer Trainee )" <venkatp.almdch@...> wrote:
      In a boat 8 men are there
      so 4 on stroke side and 4 on bow side
      of the 8 men 3 are fixed (2 on bow and 1 on stroke side)
      step1: The 4 ppl on the bow side
                  2 are already fixed
                  The remaining 2 will be selected from the 5 ppl remaining as i canot select that one person on the stroke side (8 - 2 - 1 on stroke side)
                  This is done in 5c2 ways. and the 4 arrange  themselves in 4! ways
                  The remaining 4 go to the stroke side and there is no selection
                  They arrange in 4! ways again
      Answer: 5c2 x 4! x 4!
                  : 10 x 24 x 24
                  : 5760
      P. Venkat Raghavan

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      Subject: [Ascent CAT] permuations

      a boat is manned by 8 men of whom, 2 can only row on bow sie and once can only row on stroke side.in how many ways can the crew be arrabged.
      The answer is  5760..can some one plese explain how??
      thnx in advance

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