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    Message: 2 Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 14:05:33 -0000 From: surendra_31yadav Subject: quanta problem...................... At a
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      Message: 2        
         Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 14:05:33 -0000
         From: "surendra_31yadav" <surendra_31yadav@...>
      Subject: quanta problem......................

      At a farm there are hens, cows, bullocks, and the keepers
      to look after them. there  are 69 heads less than legs, the
      number of cows is double of that of the bullocks, the no. of cows
      and hen is the same, and  there is one keeper per ten birds and cattle.
      the total no. of hen plus cow plus bullocks and there keepers does not
      exceed 50, how many cow i there?


      ans to above qn is b. 12 the relevant eqn after working is 11C/2+K=69.C=cows,K=Keepers.Try b.12 and data fits.trick is to build eqn to certain extent , apply logic that no of keepers wont be very much and then go for a bit of trial and error , 69 and 11*12/2 =66 should strike , for quick n correct solution.

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