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CAT 2002 - Enrich your career

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    Hi Welcome to the first issue of the newsletter from Ascent Education. We will focus on issues relating to the preparation for MBA entrance exams, CAT 2002 in
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      Welcome to the first issue of the newsletter from Ascent Education.
      We will focus on issues relating to the preparation for MBA entrance
      exams, CAT 2002 in particular.

      In this issue, the focus is going to be on the benefits of doing an

      Most of us know that the prime motivator behind considering MBA as a
      career option is the kind of lucrative jobs one gets at the end of
      the two years. There are umpteen reports in the newspaper, especially
      this time of the year, about the kind of salaries and perks MBAs from
      top B Schools get. For those of you who have missed out on the
      articles this year, the average salary for MBAs from the IIMs have
      been around Rs.7.5 lakhs. This data does not, however, include
      overseas placements where salaries are dollar denominated.

      Having mentioned that salary, post MBA, is a crucial motivator, I
      would like to cover some of the salient points on how an MBA enriches
      your entire career.

      I will present the case study of a good friend and classmate of mine
      from IIM Calcutta. His name is K Venkatesh. He hails from Coimbatore.
      He did his schooling in Coimbatore and passed XII standard securing a
      little over 60%. Subsequently, he joined PSG Arts College and
      enrolled for B.A. Sociology. His interests were mostly non-academic.
      He was an avid reader and excelled in organizing a variety of events
      in the college, both academic and vocational in nature. He passed his
      B.A with 59% aggregate marks.

      After graduation, he moved to Chennai and got his first job as a
      sales assistant at Landmark Book Shop. A couple of months into the
      job, he realized that he had more fire in his belly than what a
      Landmakr Book Shop can put to good use. He started hunting for jobs
      at Advertisement agencies. Much to his chagrin, he met with negative
      response from most agencies. However, things took a turn when he
      managed to meet the branch head of one of the leading ad agencies.
      The branch head was far from polite to Venkatesh. He told Venkatesh
      in plain simple English that unless Venkatesh had an MBA degree, he
      should not be aspiring to get a job in an advertising agency.

      Taking the challenge, Venkatesh started preparing for CAT. He did a
      lot of slogging for over 6 months and cracked CAT. He had calls from
      IIM A, B, C and L and finally got admissions from IIM B, C and L. He
      joined IIM C in 1992 and passed out in 1994. The first job he got
      after his MBA from IIMC was in Wipro Systems. He shifted out of Wipro
      in a couple of years to California Software and then to Trigent
      Systems, USA. Now he heads the Indian operations of Photon Infotech (
      http://www.photoninfotech.com )

      I am sure neither did Venkatesh nor did his detractors believe that a
      II Class Sociology graduate from Coimbatore will be heading a
      software company in 10 years time.

      That is the kind of career transformation an MBA degree offers . It
      is not just the money. It is much more. It offers dream careers
      which, otherwise, were out of reach for most of us.

      Venkatesh is not an exception to the rule. Most of my classmates,
      irrespective of whether they are engineers or not, have had similar
      enriching experience in one form or the other.

      I hope the experiences of Venkatesh serves as a motivating factor
      for all those aspiring to do an MBA.

      I will continue the next issue with what they actually teach you and
      the kinds of facility that are available to students at the best B-
      Schools - the likes of IIMs.


      K S Baskar
      Director, Ascent Education ( http://www.ascenteducation.com )
      Class of '94, IIM Calcutta
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