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  • jessequilts
    Setting up this Yahoo group was easier than I thought. Hope we don t have any glitches along the way. At our first meeting we decided that we ll do a book
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2011
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      Setting up this Yahoo group was easier than I thought. Hope we don't have any glitches along the way. At our first meeting we decided that we'll do a book study of "Fabric Embellishing: The Basics and Beyond" by Ruth Chandler, Liz Kettle, heather Thomas, and Lauren Vlcek.

      Everyone agreed it's a good idea for each member to make her own fabric technique book as described in the study book. That way we can share our results creatively with each other, and have a ready resource for our own use.

      We plan to work through the book sequentially. Our first chapter is "Weaving Fabric." We can post pictures and comments on things we've learned or challenges we've faced as we work. Completion date for the first lesson is June 3, 2011. But we'd enjoy seeing your progress and finished work posted here. At least one of our members will be joining us online only.

      Our physical meetings will take place in conjunction with the business meeting of the Country Road Quilters, the group of which we are a sub-group. That will be the first Thursday of each month at 5:15 PM. On or before that date, each member is asked to review the next lesson in the book to determine interest. There could be chapters that we would skip studying as a group, depending on input from members.

      Our online meetings will take place in this Yahoo group throughout the month as we work on our lesson projects.

      We also discussed that some chapters may lend themselves to a small workshop which we would plan and schedule as needed. We felt this would be useful in order to pool supplies and and share the cost of resources for some techniques.

      From time to time, we may also wish to introduce a lesson from another source if members are enthused about a particular technique. So the book will be our primary framework, but we'll keep our plans flexible.

      Did I leave anything out that we discussed? Are there other guidelines to suggest? This will be lots of fun, and I'm sure our "quilty lives" will be enriched by this activity. Looking forward to our combined study!

      PS- we still need a name, so submit your ideas. I found that some e-mail addresses and names were already taken on Yahoo. Hence, the artquiltlab@... address. However, we can call ourselves a name of our own choosing.
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