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  • jessequilts
    May 6 7:05 AM
      As we discussed, it's one thing to learn an art quilting technique and make a sample, but how are quilters making use of the technique? This is the "above and beyond" step we're all curious about. Here are a few places to look and see how the woven technique has been used. Don't know if the links below will be live links, or if you'll need to copy and paste the address. We'll see what happens.

      Anna Faustino has a book "Simply Stunning Woven Quilts" (CT Pub) and her website has a gallery you might enjoy: http://newtechquilts.com/webs/

      And this California quilter shows a few woven quilt projects on her blog here:

      Here's an especially good photo sequence of a lovely woven quilt by LuAnn Kessi:

      Enjoy- who knows where weaving will lead us??
      Have a good weekend.