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12November meeting

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  • jessequilts
    Nov 4, 2011
      Three members met on 11/3. We welcomed new member Karen from Dunellon, a new quilter who is interested in landscape quilts and art quilt techniques.

      Our current study is fabric manipulation from pages 18-25 in Fabric Embellishing: The Basics and Beyond.

      Nancy had done fabric bubbling, wrinkling, and two samples of tucks (even and random). We discussed uses for these in quilts, and Kay had a book with a quilt photo that used a tucked background to represent water in an undersea fish quilt. We agreed these could be used to add interest to garments and purses.

      The bubbling results are similar to the new prodcut Texture Magic. Kay's nametage had a section piece in that used Texture Magic. However with manually bubbling the fabric, we noticed that you can control the texture. Nancy's sample made use of the screening material (gutter screen) provided by Beth at our last meeting, and the bubbles were smaller and more dense that the Texture Magic produces.

      The wrinkling takes quite awhile to dry because the fabric is so compacted. But the look is appealing. Nancy made a small notebook cover from the wrinkled sample.

      Later at the general meeting, Debra noted that stitched down wrinkling can also be achieved by using the gathering foot on a Singer Featherweight. Something to experiment with.

      Next get together: January 5 at 5:15 PM, St. Mark's Church, Ocala. Topic of study: Next two chapters (pages 26-29) on Traditional Crazy Quilting and Deconstructed Crazy Quiting.