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  • Lisa Renee Knight
    Citrus Punch Hello, Please read this thoroughly! Many of us are more affected by the emotions of negativity and fear out there in our environment than we
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2003
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      Citrus Punch

      Please read this thoroughly! 
      Many of us are more affected by the emotions of negativity and fear "out there in our environment" than we think.  This is due to an increased level of sensitivity as a being who has decided to align yourself with the forces of Light and Love (which are one and the same no matter what our belief tradition).   
      This sensitivity is good on some levels, as  it helps us remain connected to things that are in alignment with our higher Self and personal connection with Divinity and pushes us away from things of a lower nature, not in alignment with our life's mission and higher Self. 
      Sometimes our sensitivity leaves us feeling drained and/or making heavy shifts that are felt very deeply and intensely.  Many lightworkers are going through major shifts and having major things happen to them right now that simply defy all sense and reason (I am definitely there!). 
      There is reason to believe that the cause of our current experiences may not all be "lessons we need to learn".  Some of it may have implications and causes that lie outside of our own "karmic stuff."
      So, what to do?  There is a simple activity in the message below to bring 100% light/love into your space, your self, and your team of guides; dispelling any darkness/fear and the other negative emotions/thoughts.
      The source is a friend, Marge, who runs the Ashram for Babaji in the Southern States.
      with Blessings,
      OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,
      Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 18:00:25 -0500
      From: "Margaret M. DeVivo" <peace2u@...>
      Subject: Grabhorn: Halting Eons of Manipulation

      (try this very simple thing, and see if that dark cloud lifts off your life!!!)

      Dear Friends,

      Om Namah Shivaya

      I think this is VERY IMPORTANT NEWS!

      I received a copy of this book in the mail ("Dear God, What is Happening to Us? Halting Eons of Manipulation" By Lynn Grabhorn). The author is just shipping them out to all bookstores free of charge  in order to get the message out quickly.  It's a very quick read.  I received it Tuesday, read it completely by Wednesday evening (only having about an hour each day), and there is already 'transformation' happening, in my experience.


      Basically, it's about the 'dark forces' feeding off fear and negativity all over the planet (don't we know there's plenty of it?).  This food makes them grow larger and more ominous.  Those of 'the Light' KNOW that we are to not buy into the fear and negativity and anger and crud. The 'new news' that this author has discovered is that many of the Lightworkers' guide teams, primary guides, and even CONSCIOUSNESS has been infiltrated by dark forces (she explains how this could happen).


       In the book, there is a lot of 'background material,' which may be needed by some, but is generally what I just said above.  If you already have that general understanding of the way things are working, I'm going to share with you what to do about it.  If you need convincing that this is the way the universe works, definitely read the book from cover to cover to find out the reasoning.

      The bottom line most important information that needs to get out here and now, to as many Lightworkers as possible, I am going to share here, and the author asks that it be spread far and wide, without worry about 'copyright.'



      From the Book..

      There are three steps in this segment, and four following it.

      PLEASE!!! Do not do the first three until you are ready to do the next ones.  Do them all at the same time.


      "So Let's Get On with It"

      The first and second steps are enormously simple, and require no physical discomfort.  The third may cause you to feel a bit 'out of it' for a couple of days, but truly, such feelings will be minor.  Perhaps like taking three, instead of two, aspirin.  In a physical place where you can find and  feel a degree of peace and quiet in your surroundings and within yourself, gather a serenity about you, and a sureness of intent, and state either out loud or to yourself (out loud, I'm told, is best):


      1.        YOUR GUIDE TEAM:

      "From the Light of God that I am, I hereby declare that my team of guides shall, as soon as any necessary transference can be made, be comprised only of members of 100 percent pure light who have never been re-programmed by entities of the dark."

      2.        YOUR PRIMARY GUIDE:

      "From the light of God that I am, I hereby declare the entity that is my Primary Guide shall be an entity of 100 percent pure Light that has never been re-programmed by entities of the dark with such change, if necessary, to be made as soon as possible."



      "From the light of God that I am, I hereby declare that my consciousness mix should be converted, if necessary, to a mix of 100 percent pure Light of entities that have never been re-programmed by those of the dark. I further declare that this conversion should take place as soon as possible, but preferably during evening hours as I sleep, and as gently as possible in order that I might continue my normal daily routines."


      Here are the last steps which are also nothing more than simple-but meaningful-statements:

      1.        From the light of God that I am, I call forth that all things, whether animate or inanimate, within or around me, my home, yard, or place of business, be immediately deactivated from use as 'directional beacons' by those who are not of 100 percent pure Light.  I further declare that when this has been accomplished, it shall be irrevocable and permanent.


      2.        From the Light of God that I am, I call forth that no energies, entities, or beings are to be allowed anywhere around me at any time that are not of 100 percent pure light.  I further declare this to be irrevocable and permanent.


      3.        From the Light of God that I am, be it known that I hereby cancel all contracts and/or agreements I have made with ANY entity, in any time frame or in any reality, that were not in my best interest or in the interest of the Light, or that were made with entities who were not of 100 percent pure Light.  I further declare that the cancellation of all such contracts is to be irrevocable and permanent in all time frames and realities.


      This last one is not really a step, but I'm putting it in here as one, so it will be easier to remember.


      4. Don't ever, ever ask for guidance without demanding that what comes through be only of 100 percent pure Light, or declaring,  if you're using a  'Swinger' (pendulum),  the usual "in the name of the Light."


      All of these statements are best said out loud.

      End of Book Quote.

      (You can say them with your children or pets present too. In the book the author's dog was being afflicted at least as much as she was!)




      Editorial Reviews
      From Publishers Weekly
      Fans of Grabhorn's bestseller Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting are in for a surprise with this book. Here, the author takes another run up the challenging mountain of overcoming negative thinking. But this time, she offers a cosmic explanation for negativity, positing good and evil forces at work in the universe and an ultimate struggle between those forces. She says these forces are quite directly at work in her life and the lives of a select group of the 100 people now creating "a new grid of light on this planet" to counter the pervasive influence of "the Others" (Grabhorn's term for cosmic forces of darkness that feed on negativity). She claims the 100 people "signed up" for this job before coming to this earth, knowing in advance that the task of birthing a new world would be "disagreeable" and difficult, in addition to telling readers that they may be among the chosen few. Like her previous work, this book is grounded in life experience. She claims that these forces produced a debilitating physical and emotional breakdown that led her to write to Dutch doctors to seek help with committing suicide before she was able to channel-her word-the information she presents here. In a practical vein, she offers three incantation-like statements that she says will help exorcise the dark forces from consciousness. She readily acknowledges in her characteristically breezy tone that her story strains credulity ("as off-the-wall as this book may seem to you") and is a little less orthodox than the usual self-help positive-thinking tome. This fusion of self-help with Armageddon produces a highly original marriage of two popular American topics.
      Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.


      Buy it at Amazon  for 30% less than I could sell it to you if I carry them in the shop:



      OR if you go into Amazon through www.babaji.net, by clicking on ' 5-15% Benefits our Cause' (up in the top of the menu),  then the website will get  a donation from your purchase, with no extra cost to you.  We appreciate your remembering that when you order from Amazon and lots of other places that are all listed there in that link. 


      Let me know how this information 'rings' with you, and if you do decide to say the statements, please let me know what happens.  I have seen BIG CHANGES just since working with it last evening.


      Om Namah Shivaya
      Love and Light,

      Lisa Renee Knight
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