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an experience with sri sri today on holi celebration in ashram...

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  • mona ingale
    jaigurudev my friends and family... i was out of my hospital and was releived much early today by mere chance and was going back home..cause i had so much
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2008
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      jaigurudev my friends and family...

      i was out of my hospital and was releived much early
      today by mere chance and was going back home..cause i
      had so much pending work to do way back home, and i
      got a call from my brother gaurav who said didi do
      come to ashram if possi today cause its holi time with
      guruji in ashram...initially like always i said no to
      myself cause that would mean not being able to do a
      lot of other work pending again today, but then i dont
      know how ..i just changed my journey towards ashram
      instead of home...

      at ashram...

      it was an evening full of colours ...chandan holi
      water flower petals...of rose...smiling faces..one
      worldfamily....life ...a continuous celebration...like
      always that we all in the artofliving family ...have
      learnt to perceive life as...come what may....

      it was so fresh so vibrant so energetic so lively...

      it was 'holi celebration' at yagya shala in ashram
      with sri sri today evening...

      as usual my steps just at the outskirts of the
      ashram..made me forget the whole day chaos of work ...

      it was time to enjoy relax and be in total bhakti and
      presence of my master..after hard days work...

      i was walking down the big road at the entrance of the
      ashram ...and just thought once...oh guruji..i dont
      wanna walk so much today...and u take me soon
      inside...and a car stopped..and gave me lift...till
      the ashram..inside...amazing ...i thought !!!!

      well the yagya shala was getting fuller with people
      joining in..slowly slowly... guruji had just
      come..perhaps and was asking everyone..how is
      everyone..he was seated on his seat..he looked as
      fresh n smiling as ever like a baby's never ending

      his bliss was flowing everwhere in those
      surroundings..and in me too...

      i just went ahead and kept moving in..till i reached
      the first row where everyone was seated down on the
      sand..so misty n fragrant....there were big flat
      baskets of roses kept on stage in front of
      guruji..guruji asked everyone to pluck the petals from
      them...and collected them together again...

      he said today we will play hi tech holi...and smiled

      he said holi is a festival of colours..and we should
      wash ourselves off of all the past and play holi wih
      fresh new colours...he said we should accept all the
      colours of life and know that life is not "neeras" it
      is full of "ras'..the juice ...he said this is the
      message for the youth of tday on the day of holi...

      and he played holi with chandan water and flower
      petals ..he kept pouring the petals on all of us...as
      and when he kept moving from the stage from one side
      to another...

      the spirits of the atmosphere were high
      there was satsang going on with bhanu didi and
      others..full swing satsang...and most of us were lost
      along with guruji in the masti of satsang with we all
      getting wet with the holy water being sprinkled on us
      from above...as per the usual arrangement in yagya
      shala...thats what guruji meant by hi tech
      holi....water sprinkling on all of us from above ..in
      the form of his blessings...

      and we danced and danced and danced...full absorbed in
      the great satsang with all fast bhajan like narayan
      narayn jai jai govind hare..krishna govind govind
      gopala...nand ke lala lala..nad ke lalala..oooo nand
      ke lala ..nand ke lala...and many such lively
      bhajans...also we sang rang barse bhige chunar waali
      rang barse...and danced away...

      i found the aura so much soaked in supreme
      oneness...it was different, whatever it was..it was so
      beautiful...i was so lost in dancing away ...so lost
      in the guru bliss...in that deep oneness ...

      some people from russia federation and a member of
      parliament from russia had come to meet guruji and
      they were so happy seeing all of us in that vibrant
      atmosphere...they thanked india and all present here
      to set an example that we all can unite in happiness
      too and said that this is an example for them to carry
      home...guruji also felicitated each of them with
      garlands..and said this is your second home..

      he also said that artofliving is being asked for
      greatly in the countries outside india and people at
      international level are so much into spirituality
      meditations pranayams and yoga..we have to do lots of
      work here in india towards this..he said we have to
      revolutionize the spiritual movement in such a way
      that a huge wave of this knowledge spreads all across
      the world...to bring about total harmony and peace in
      the world...

      guruji said we all have to do lots of work together on
      this path..

      it was an amazing experience today..

      guruji's smile was so deep and never ending

      so many got cured of their aches and pains when the
      expressed their physical suffering to guruji amidst
      question and answer session...ya many got cured of
      their pain..and guruji said jahan main hoon wahan dard
      kahan?..( where i am there ..how can there be pain)

      i did not carry anything in my hands today except my
      mobile thanks to tarak bhaiyya in whose car i could
      keep my heavy bag of books which i was carrying back
      from the hospital... so i cannot really write down
      exact word to word converstaion of all that guruji
      answered frm the questions he was asked..

      guruji called dinesh bhaiyya and swami pragyapadji on
      stage and the following are some of the questions i
      remember him answering...

      Q guruji i love a girl but cannot express to her .
      what to do?
      A (LAUGHS) i dont know..you should ask this question
      to experienced people out here who have expressed
      multiple number of times to many people and be
      prepared and go with a helmet on...(laughs again)..

      Q guruji how to get out of this cycle of birth and
      A u are at the right place . just keep doing what you
      are practicing here regularly..

      Q guruji if i have just to meditate n be in bliss and
      peaceful..then what is the use of all this studying
      and doing business?
      A guruji laughs...

      Q guruji in silence no thought are coming in my mind..
      i have become blank,how will i answer my mother when
      she knows i did nothing in the advance course..
      A guruji laughs

      Q guruji can i become a swami or a rishi?
      A guruji laughs..and says i will make u whatever u
      want to become...and laughs again

      Q guruji can two people connect to each other via
      thoughts even if they are physically away?
      A guruji said yes they can

      Q guruji how do i know what is right or wrong for me?
      A whatever u do if that makes u cry later know that is
      wrong, and that makes u peacful and happy , know that
      is right

      Q guruji before my marriage i used to get along well
      with my parents but not any more what to do?
      A u should either go and convince them or just express
      ur love to them and ignore all the negativities that
      occur between u two... the love is already there but u
      have to express it sometimes to them

      Q guruji from childhood i was taught that i should
      love everyone and help everyone.. but gradually as i
      grew old i realised i am being used by everyone..what
      to do..
      A.. see u cannot be monotonous u have to be multi
      faceted personality if u want to succeed.. if just on
      past impression of some one using u , u wrong the
      person next by thinking they are using you, then that
      is not right..now will u like it if somethinks like
      this about, based on their past impressions with

      Q guruji i am leo by birth sign and leo are born
      leaders? but i just keep escaping and shying from
      A see if u are integrated, then the quality of
      leadership comes in you effortlessly, so just be
      natural..and dont make an effort to become a leader

      Q guruji if you have attained spiritual dimension
      1000th times more than me, then how come u say u and i
      are one?
      A at gross level we all may appear as different and
      seperate beings, but at subtle level, we all are
      connected in unity with each other, at subtle level,
      know that i am a part of you and you a part of me


      there were many more questions with beautiful answers
      given by our guruji in hindi and in kannada too...but
      i really dont remember any more as of now...i am in
      total fantastic state after a great evening with
      guruji...so i prefer not to tax my brain /memory any

      i have written all these too from my faint memory and
      perception so please excuse any thing which is
      perceived differently by others reading this and
      present there too

      i hope i am able to share the best of the experience i
      and all of us ever had with our beloved master on the
      divine occasion of holi...

      and the satsang continued and ended with the spread of
      that blissful happiness on everyones face as all of us
      left yagya shala and ashram on our ways back home...

      happy holi to each one of you out there

      may god bless you



      in seva


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