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the ART OF LIVING - a poem

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  • SURYA NarayananKrishnaMoorthy
    ART OF LIVING from: cancercrusader@yahoo.com Art of Living I learnt to live an artistic life, Right at a time, when I needed it the most, To live and see
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      Art of Living I learnt to live an artistic life,
      Right at a time, when I needed it the most,
      To live and see the universe filled with colourful arts.

      Organized my life like an artist and his studio,
      Full of wonderful arts created and spread around.

      Lovely mankind, flowers, trees, birds and animals greeting me,
      Intimate friendship I made of everyone and everything,
      Visited everyone and everything singing and dancing with joy,
      In the rhythm of my breath and gentle breeze around,
      Nature's love and affection made me surrender to it fully,
      Gained I, in return, the art of living I longed for.

      "Why ART of Living?"
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      Living is an *"Art"*.
      We are all busy with our
      day to day activities,
      dealing with work pressures
      and relationships,
      coping with adverse
      situations around us.
      As a result, we become short
      tempered, angry, sad,
      fearful or suffer from anxiety
      and the mind is
      filled with lots of negative
      Mind is vacillating between the
      past and
      the future.
      This whole process
      drains our nervous system and
      that leads to vacuity, lack
      of concentration, low
      energy, violent behaviour,
      inability to focus on
      our work and poor health.

      *Being Happy and Peaceful*,
      having a *healthy body*
      and *mind*
      is the basic
      need of every human
      being on this planet.
      is the secret through
      which we can handle
      the mind and emotions.
      The revitalizing breathing process
      known as
      *the Sudarshan Kriya*,
      which releases stress and toxins at the physical,
      mental and emotional level and
      promoting better health
      on all these levels is
      taught during the
      *ART OF LIVING* 6 days workshop.
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      The Art of Living Course (Part I).
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      "The art of living is to
      gain this ability in life.
      It's very simple.
      Just a skill:
      the ability to free your mind of the past,
      to free your mind of the future,
      and to be able to play with every
      situation that is in front of you."
      ~ ~ *H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar*
      Some of the benefits
      of ART OF LIVING include:
         - Reduced stress
         - Improved efficiency and productivity
         - Enhanced health and well-being
         - Improved interpersonal skills
         - Heightened awareness and clearer perception
         - Anti-aging effect
         - More joy and enthusiasm
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      On Enlightenment
      Enlightenment is like a joke! It’s like a fish searching for the ocean. Once upon a time, there was a congregation of fish who got together to discuss who had seen the ocean. None of them could actually say they had seen the ocean. Then, one fish said, "I think my great-grandfather had seen the ocean!" A second fish said, "Yes, yes. I also heard about this." A third fish said, "Yes, certainly, his great-grandfather had seen the ocean." So they built a huge temple and made a statue of the great-grand father of that particular fish. They said, "He had seen the ocean. He had been connected with the ocean."
      Enlightenment is the very core of our being; going into the core of our self and living our life from there. We all came into this world gifted with innocence, but gradually, as we became more intelligent, we lost our innocence. We were born with silence, and as we grew up, we lost the silence and were filled with words. We lived in our hearts, and as time passed, we moved into our heads. Now the reversal of this journey is enlightenment. It is the journey from head back to the heart, from words, back to silence; getting back to our innocence in spite of our intelligence. Although very simple, this is a great achievement. Knowledge should lead you to that beautiful point of "I don’t know."
      On the Purpose of Life
      What is the purpose of life? What is the end product that we want to see in our life? What do we want? Some say the purpose of life is to not come back to his planet again. Others say love is the purpose of life. Why would someone say they don't want to come back? Because they find there is no love here or when there is love it is very painful.
      When someone is pained and troubled, they don't want to come back. If this place could be so wonderful and full of love and divinity, then the desire not to come back would drop naturally. When we see the purpose of life from all sides, from all sides, from every angle, them the end product that we want in life is a love that doesn't die out, a love that doesn't cause pain, a love that grows and stands forever.
      Suppose you could have all the success in the world, even become the richest person or the most famous person, but have no love in life. Then life would not be a success. Life would appear to be barren. From every angle we come to the same point that all we aspire for in our life is love, a divine love, a love that is ideal. The purpose in life is to flower and bloom in that ideal love. Now the question really is how to have this, how to find out what obstruct this in our life. We have to see that what is really obstructing us from that innocent love is our ego. What is ego? Ego is like a dream.
      A dream exists until it doesn't exist. You can't call a dream real but cannot call in unreal either, because you have the experience. Ego is simply being unnatural. If the ago is so unnatural. Why does every human being have an ego? The reason we have the ego is because it is necessary in some way for our growth in life.
      A seed has a covering or shell over it, and when you soak it in water it sprouts, and then the covering drops. Like that, the ego is a necessary unnaturalness that develops in you when you are two or three years old. Before that, you are in a state of total, innocent, blissful love. Then the ego comes as a covering. What knowledge does is uncover this shell from you and make you again like a child, natural, simple, and innocent. When you are natural, simple, and innocent, there is no ego.
      The ego is not a substance, it is a non-substance like darkness. Darkness is only a lack of light. There is nothing called an ego that has substance. You could say it is just a lack of maturity or a lack of pure knowledge. How can the ego be overcome? Through observing oneself, by understanding one self better, and by going deep into one's self in meditation.
      In the Bhakti Sutras (a spiritual text written by the sage Narada thousands of years ago) there is a phrase, a sutra, that says, "Knowledge is one of the aids to discover the naturalness," half knowledge bring the ego in the first place. When knowledge has matured, ego drops and simplicity dawns.
      Ego is just a lack of total development, a lack total understanding. That doesn't mean it should not have been there from the very beginning. The ego has been necessary, but now you can grow out of it.
      Knowledge is and aid to develop the innermost of you, which is love. In your innermost, you are love.
      When we feel high, we have no problems. The problem comes only when we feel low. No one wants to feel low. When one feels low, then the more one tries to feel high, the more depressed he gets. This seems to be the biggest problem. What is important about the feelings? They never stay the same. Feelings are fluid. Feelings alter just in seconds. A second you feel high and in the next you feel low and then again you feel good. This continues in life. If we base our life on our feelings, we will be ruined.
      You feel good about something now and a little later you feel bad about the same thing. Then those feelings change yet again. Have you noticed feelings. Changing?
      Many people are unaware of the nature of feelings. Everywhere you will hear people say, "Follow your feelings, go by your feelings, do what you feel like? etc., What will you do? Be independent? People misinterpret! What does independence mean? They think it means following your feelings. They think, "I do as I feel now, I do as I feel tomorrow. I do as I feel the next day." Then there can be no stability in life.
      We are unhappy if we follow our feelings. When you feel low, jump into the lowest. Be like water. That is your real nature, inside you, it is like water. The coconut is the symbol of the whole human life. The coconut has a husk. That is the environment. And water is the innermost part. Your true nature is like water, fluid and not hard inside. What is the nature of water? Humility, it always goes down. Stiffness is the problem. Stiffness is ego. Water can take any shape. Whatever glass you put it in, it will take that shape. Water means acceptance of the present moment. You put water in a bottle and it will take that shape. Our innermost being agrees with nature. In water, the slightest movement makes ripples. It is dynamic also.
      It is not simply acceptance with fatalism; it is acceptance with motion, with dynamism, with readiness to jump to act. A little shake, and the water is ready to jump up.
      The ocean is the lowest. How has the ocean become and ocean? It has accepted to be the lowest. Can there be anything lower or deeper than an ocean? All rivers from the mountain tops flow down to the ocean. The ocean is full. The humblest yet the greatest. If you agree to go low when you don't feel good, you will become the richest person on the earth. Have you ever loved your low feelings? You have always fought with them.
      When you don't feel high, just close your eyes and go into the low. "Okay, today I shall agree with my low feelings and I shall go as low as I can, without acting." Do not do any action but just agree. "Okay, I am going down, down, down....." How far will you go down? You will find the ocean there. You will start rising up in no time.
      Depression and low feelings cannot touch you. They can do nothing to you. However big the clouds are, they cannot overshadow the sun. It could be the darkest day, but still it will remain a day. All the clouds can never make the day a night.
      So, when clouds are there, you don't have to shiver. Just go deep, observe and you will see a lot of sensations rising up. Some fears come up. What is fear? Just a sensation in the body. Agree to it, "All right, let it be. I will drive into it today." An amazing thing happens within you.
      A phenomenon, that will put the psychiatrists out of jobs. Everybody can look into this aspect. This is very, very beautiful. What is the nature of water? Water, when it reaches the ocean, does not always remain there. It rises high as the clouds and then comes down again as water. So are feelings.
      How far to heaven? Just open your eyes and look. You are in heaven.
      You are Divine. You are part of me. I am part of you.
      You have been given the highest blessing, the most precious knowledge on this planet. You are the Divine Self; you are part of the Self. Walk with that confidence. It's not arrogance. It's, again, Love.
      Your mind is trying to find an escape and doesn't want to rise to that level to which the master is trying to raise you, trying to pull you up.
      Fear and Desire
      Want, or desire, arises when you are not happy. Have you seen this? When you are very happy then there is contentment. "Contentment" means "no want".
      "Want" is always hanging on to the "I." When the "I" itself is dissolving, "want" also dissolves, disappears.
      Behind everything is your ego: "I, I, I, I." But in seva there is no "I," because it has to be done for someone else. It is for the need of the time, or surrounding people, that you do it.
      So what if somebody recognizes you: "Oh, you are a wonderful person." So what? In that person's mind that thought came and went. It is also finished. That mind has gone. Maybe they keep an attraction for you for some days, some months, so what? That also goes it also goes.
      Much energy is wasted in trying to charm others. And in wanting to charm - I tell you, the opposite happens.
      By self-study, by observing, by being hollow and empty, you become a channel - you become a part of the Divine. You are able to feel the presence of the Divinity. All the different angels and devas, all these different forms of our consciousness, start blossoming.
      Some feeling came into you, unpleasant feeling, and you said, "Should not come, it should not come!" Doing that, you are resisting it. When you resist, it persists. Just observe. See, "Oh!" Go deep into it. Dance; stand up on your feet and dance. Be intoxicated; move intoxicated.
      Life is nothing to be very serious about. Life is a ball in your hands to play with. Don't hold on to the ball.
      Meditation is the comfort in Life.

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