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Shaping the world - The 3 day International Conference on Integrated Value

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  • gsaket
    ... wrote: If you re planning for a year, grow rice. If you re planning for ten years, grow trees. If you re planning for a lifetime,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006
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      "If you're planning for a year, grow rice.
      If you're planning for ten years, grow trees.
      If you're planning for a lifetime, educate people."
      -- Chinese proverb

      To begin with an understatement, one of the things that make this
      world interesting is the people in it.
      The human mind in itself is such an amazing phenomenon, that it has
      been a subject of study for just about every generation... and on top
      of that, we have so many diverse varieties of it in the world!

      It carries so much potential within, as has been demonstrated
      throughout history in all aspects of life
      - arts, literature, sports, academics, technology and many more
      fields of excellence. What plays a big role in preparing the mind
      towards realising its potential is the environment it is exposed to...
      and to provide an environment where this potential becomes a reality,
      a platform where the mind can cross over its perceived limitations is
      the purpose of education!

      Education plays a critical part in shaping minds and thereby, shaping
      society. The values that our children will live their lives by,
      depends on how we bring them up. What kind of education will produce
      truly global citizens, who are able to identify not just with local
      doctrines and beliefs but see themselves as part of a global
      community? It becomes a very pertinent question and deserves
      collective thought from all the great minds of the world.

      The 3 day International Conference on Integrated Value Education
      (June 26-28) has been conceptualised to address these and some other
      relevant issues. As His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar has succinctly
      outlined the role of education - "Broaden the Vision... Deepen the

      Today, everyone is recognising the need for holistic education
      instead of a purely intellectual and academic way of teaching, the
      need for education to be stress-free. How we can bring this thought
      process to mainstream education will be a big takeaway from this
      conference. The discussion requires those who are affected by
      education - students and parents, those involved in imparting it -
      teachers and those who frame policies facilitating it - managements,
      admistrators and ministers. Those who have succesfully implemented
      some of these concepts will be coming over to share valuable
      perspectives and experience.

      The conference is being held in collaboration with UNESCO and the
      Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. The venue
      will be the beautiful campus of the Art of Living at Bangalore. It
      promises to be a very healthy and stimulating experience with so many
      learned people from all over the world sharing the stage, including
      His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar.

      If you are involved in any way with education, or even if you just
      find the idea interesting and would like to register as a delegate,
      please refer to www.aolunedu.org for more details. The site also
      offers information on the broad agenda and the speakers. We welcome
      you to post any further queries to aolunedu@...

      I began with a quote and am tempted to end with another one.. "What
      we do in life, echoes in eternity!"


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