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a message of peace

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  • Mostafa Salim Dia
    here is a portion of our knowledge.you can find the rest at: The_Path_Of_Eternity@yahoogroups.com sorry if it is long ,but i had to do it,because there has
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 2, 2004
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      here is a portion of our knowledge.you can find the rest at:
      sorry if it is long ,but i had to do it,because there has been some
      misundertanding about what we are promoting.so you can have a
      sample,after which you can judge.
      Existence is an infinite flux of infinite fields of energy
      emanations of infinite light filaments called the Eagle or The
      Supreme Consciousness or The Circle of Light or infinity, inundating
      from an infinite void.
      The first truth about awareness is that the world is as it looks
      and yet it is not.
      We think there is a world of solid objects out there, only because
      of awareness.
      What is really out there are the Eagle's emanations; fluid, forever
      in motion, and yet unchanged, eternal.
      Only a small portion of these emanations is within reach of the
      human awareness.
      Man perceives only a minute fraction of that small portion because
      of the constraints of daily living. This is the known, or the world
      of every day life, or the organic world of material substance.
      The biggest section of that small portion is the unknown or the
      other worlds of organic and inorganic worlds not perceived regularly
      by the normal awareness. The unknown is veiled from man, shrouded
      perhaps by a terrifying context, but which nevertheless is within
      reach of the human perception if one succeeds in following the
      golden path of knowledge.
      The incalculable rest is the unknowable .It is the indescribable,
      the unthinkable, the unrealizable. It is something that will never
      be known to man or to any living being in existence.
      The known and the unknown are really on the same footing, because
      both are within reach of the human perception.
      Whatever is beyond our capacity to perceive is the unknowable.
      Living creatures are luminous bubbles made of the Eagle's
      Human beings are made up of emanations encased in an egglike cocoon.
      Man is an egg of circulating fibers of light, very fine threads
      that circulate from the head to the naval. His arms and legs are
      like luminous bristles, bursting out in all directions. Besides,
      every man is in touch with everything else through a bunch of long
      fibers that shoot out from the centre of his abdomen, around the
      naval. Those fibers join man to his surrounding; they keep his
      balance; they give him stability.
      The emanations inside and outside the cocoon are the same filaments
      of light. Sentient beings are microscopic points of light, attached
      to the emanations of the Eagle.
      The second truth about awareness is that perception is a condition
      of alignment .The emanations inside the cocoon become aligned with
      those outside that fit them. To perceive is to match the emanations
      contained inside with those that fit them, which are outside.
      Alignment is what allows awareness to be cultivated by every living
      The emanations outside exert a particular pressure on the
      emanations inside the cocoon which are always in motion, and makes
      them stop moving. The luminous being is at that moment fixated by
      The emanations are more than filaments of light. Each is a source
      of boundless energy. And since the emanations outside the cocoon are
      the same as the ones inside, their energies are like a continuous
      pressure .But the cocoon isolates the emanations inside its web and
      thereby directs the pressure.
      The moment the pressure from the emanations outside fixate the
      emanations inside, the being begins to watch himself. He notes
      everything about itself, or at least it tries to, in whatever
      aberrant ways it can. This process is called taking an inventory. It
      is the internal dialogue by which we communicate to ourselves the
      world and ourselves.
      Human beings don't choose to take an inventory. To take an
      inventory is the Eagle's command. The emanations are commands that
      no one can disobey.
      The third truth about awareness is that the consciousness of adult
      human beings, matured by the process of growth, can no longer be
      called awareness, because it has been mortified into something more
      intense and complete, which is called attention.
      Attention is the harnessing and enhancing of awareness through the
      process of being alive.
      There are three types of attention for human beings. The three are
      not just types of attention, they are rather levels of attainment
      human beings can reach. They are the first, second, and third
      attentions. Each one is an independent domain, complete by itself.
      The first attention is everything we are as average human beings.
      By virtue of such an absolute ruler over our lives, the first
      attention is the most valuable asset that an average human has,
      perhaps the only asset.
      The second attention is a more complex and specialized state of
      awareness. It has to do with the unknown. It comes about when unused
      emanations inside man's cocoon are utilized.
      The third attention is a state of total awareness. It is when all
      the emanations inside the cocoon are aligned at once and the glow of
      awareness spreads all over them that the boundaries of the cocoon
      are diffused and the inside emanations extend their glow beyond
      anything imaginable, gliding into eternity.
      The fourth truth about awareness is that perception takes place
      because there is an agent present in each of us called the
      assemblage point, which selects internal and external emanations for
      alignment. The particular alignment that we perceive as the world of
      every day life is the product of the specific spot where our
      assemblage point is located.
      In order for our first attention to bring into focus the world we
      perceive, it has to emphasize certain emanations selected from the
      narrow band of emanations that make our world. The discarded
      emanations are still within reach but remain dormant, unknown to us
      for the duration of our lives.
      The first attention consumes all the glow of awareness so that
      humans don't have an iota of energy left free. Therefore, to witness
      the unknown one must have a surplus of energy. The unknown is the
      superfluous part of the average man because man doesn't have enough
      energy to witness its effects.
      Human beings repeatedly choose to emphasize the same emanations for
      perceiving because we were taught that those emanations are
      perceivable, and because our assemblage points select and prepare
      those emanations for being used.
      The assemblage point of man appears around a definite area because
      the Eagle commands it to be there. But the precise spot is
      determined by habit, by repetitious acts.
      The precise spot where the assemblage point is located is not a
      permanent feature, but established by habit. Hence the tremendous
      stress is put on new actions, on new practicalities. This will lead
      to a new usage, a new spot.
      We must be aware that the world is the result of the assemblage
      point. Once that is understood, the assemblage point can be moved as
      a consequence of new habits.
      The fifth truth about awareness is that the human inventory or the
      internal dialogue is what keeps the assemblage point fixed to its
      original position. And once silence is attained everything is
      We are forced to talk to ourselves by those who teach us. When
      human beings are still infants they are taught by every one around
      them to repeat an endless dialogue about themselves. The dialogue
      becomes internalized, and that alone keeps the assemblage point
      fixed. Those hundreds of teachers teach the infant where to place
      his assemblage point.
      Infants have no fixed assemblage point at first. Their encased
      emanations are in a state of great turmoil, and their assemblage
      points shift anywhere inside the cocoon, giving children great
      capacity to focus on emanations that later will be thoroughly
      disregarded. Then as they grow, the older humans around them force
      the children's assemblage points to become steady by means of an
      increasingly complex internal dialogue. The dialogue is a process
      that constantly strengthens the fixed position of the assemblage
      point, because that position is an arbitrary one that needs steady
      When we were taught to talk to ourselves, we were taught the means
      to dull ourselves in order to keep the assemblage point fixed on one
      Since the exact position of the assemblage point is an arbitrary
      one chosen by our ancestors, it can move with relatively small
      effort after silence is attained. And once it moves, it forces new
      alignment of emanations, thus new perception.
      For the assemblage point to shift, it needs energy. Without enough
      energy, the force of the new alignment is crushing. One must have a
      surplus of energy to sustain the pressure of the new alignment which
      never takes place in ordinary circumstances.
      The sixth truth about awareness is that there is energy that comes
      out of the alignment of emanations; this energy is called will.
      Will is a blind, impersonal, ceaseless burst of energy that makes
      us behave in the way we do. Will accounts for the perception of the
      world of ordinary affairs.
      Alignment is ceaselessly renewed in order to imbue perception with
      continuity. To renew alignment every time with the freshness that it
      needs to make up a living world, the burst of energy that comes out
      of those alignments is automatically rerouted to reinforce some
      choice alignment. And all the energy is put and not an iota is left
      The assemblage point can be moved from within through the force of
      intent, which is the purposeful guiding of will, the energy of
      alignment. To accomplish this magnificent act one has to save enough
      energy. All one needs is only a minimal chance, just to be cognizant
      of the possibilities that men of knowledge have unraveled; the
      aspect that makes alignment stationary is will; while the aspect
      that makes it move is intent.
      It is a great art to change the will, the impersonal force of
      alignment, into intent, the personalized force which is at the
      service of each warrior.
      The only thing warriors need is to have enough energy to withstand
      the new alignment and gain the eternal gift of freedom.
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