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Wisdom for the Organizers

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  • Achintya Sexena
    *This Knowledge Note is given on Page No. 40 of An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker Vol-5 & is one of my favourite.I hope the members of this mailing
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2007
      This Knowledge Note is given on Page No. 40 of "An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker" Vol-5 & is one of my favourite.I hope the members of this mailing group would also find it Useful.JGD.
                                             Wisdom for the Organisers
      Knowledge has Organizing power. Only Knowledge can organize.The more steeped you are in
                                                            knowledge,the better you can organize.
      Never Underestimate your organization. If you underestimate your organization,you will not be
                                                                    able to build it.
      Defend your intentions,not your actions. Often people defend their actions & lose sight of their 
                                                                     intentions.Then they feel sorry & weak.There is no
                                                                     need to feel sorry.Defend your intention to do right.
      Teamwork. In teamwork,you achieve more than you do individually.Certain work is best done
                        alone with a team.Find the balance between walking alone & working with a team.
                        In either case,alone or working with a team,you will face obstacles.For your growth
                        ,both are essential.Each has its disadvantages & advantages.Drop any one & you will
                        be at a loss.The skill is not to have an aversion to either & to focus on the goal.
      Defending friends. Suppose you have introduced a friend to a job & they make a mistake.Do not
                                   try to defend them.That is where the team breaks up.When you defend a
                                   friend,you are not friendly to everybody.Defending someone's mistakes does
                                   not do justice to the teamwork & stops the person from learning.Soft-
                                   heartedness & compassion in an organization can be detrimental to both
                                   the teamwork & the organization.
      Never justify a mistake with intimidation or erroneous logic.Raising your voice,intimidation
                                                  ,anger,shouting & applying erroneous logic makes a wrong appear
                                                  right.Do not give in to that.Do not give in to assertiveness,
                                                  intimidation,wrong logic & soft-heartedness.
      Working with volunteers. Volunteers often act as though everyone's a boss & not a worker.
                                              When working with volunteers,be calm & quiet.Ask,"Have you finished
                                              your work?"
      Solutions will always be ad-hoc. The more dynamic an institution is,the more solutions will be
                                                         ad-hoc.Its not like a nine-to-five company job where roles are
                                                         designed & planned for a year.With volunteers,the productivity
                                                         is more intense.The more dynamic a group,the quicker things
                                                         happen.Maintaining a margin for confusion & chaos can
                                                         prevent stress.
                                                         Jai Guru Dev
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