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905Digital Printing Workshop

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  • ظ�ظ�غ�ع‡ ظ�ظ�ظ�ظ­ظ
    Aug 26, 2013

      workshop  ق‚،آ آ ع’آ�ظ�غ�ظ�ظ�ع� ق‚،آ آ غ�ظ�ظ�ع’آ��’آ،غ� ق‚،آ آ ظ��’آ،ظ�ظ�ع’آ�آ 

      The Fine Art of Digital Printing Workshop

      ظ�ع‡ ظ�ظ�عˆظ� ظ�ظ�غ�ع‡ ظ�ظ�ظ�ظ­ظ�ع† غ�ظ�ظ�ع�Œغ� ظ��Œظ�ظ�ع† ظ�عˆع„�Œع† عˆظ�غ�ظ�ظ�ع� غ†ظ�ع� ظ��Œظ،�Œظ�ظ�ع„ عظ�ظ�ظ�ظ� ظ�ظ�ع‡ظ��Œ ظ�ظ� ظ�ع‡ظ�ظ�ع† ظ�ظ�غ�ظ�ظ�ظ� ع…�Œ ظ�عˆظ�
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