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Robot Club of Traverse City, MI

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  • pgrayson_1999
    Next meeting: Date: 1/9/01 Time: 6 pm Place: M-Tec Building (2600 Aero Park Drive, in the Airport Industrial Park, off Parsons Road, Traverse City,
    Message 1 of 1398 , Jan 1, 2001
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      Next meeting:<br>Date: 1/9/01<br>Time: 6
      pm<br>Place: M-Tec Building (2600 Aero Park Drive, in the
      Airport Industrial Park,<br>off Parsons Road, Traverse
      City, MI)<br><br>The Robot Club meets the second
      Tuesday of each month.<br>Meetings last about 1 hour and
      are very informal so you can meet other<br>people,
      see their projects and take pictures.<br>The club is
      open to anyone, of any age, interested in
      robots.<br><br>Program for the 1/9/01 meeting:<br><br>1. A short
      presentation "Autonomous Robots Around The World" by Paul
      F.<br>Grayson, Chief Engineer of AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL.<br><br>2.
      You are welcome to bring your own projects to show or
      information to<br>share with he group.<br><br>3. Parts Swap -
      bring stuff that you would like to trade.<br><br>4.
      Free robot stuff will be given away ( back copies of
      robot related<br>magazines and inspirational machine
      parts )<br><br>Membership Drive: Join the Robot Club!
      Dues have been kept low so everyone<br>can
      join.<br>$15 one year membership<br>$28 two year
      membership<br>$40 three year membership<br>$300 life time
      membership<br><br>Please make your check out to the treasurer: Paul F.
      Grayson<br><br>Mail to:<br>Robot Club<br>c/o Paul F. Grayson - Chief
      Engineer<br>AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL MAGIC<br>1892 Pinewood
      Ave.<br>Traverse City, MI 49684-9022<br>(231) 946-0187, FAX (231)
      946-1122<br>pgrayson@...<br><br>GO ROBOTS !<br><br>Club News:<br><br>The Christmas
      display of 33 animated stuffed toy bears at the Grand
      Traverse<br>Resort is doing well. The Robot Club sign in the display
      has attracted some<br>attention. The bears have held
      up well. There have only been a few
      repairs<br>needed to keep it going 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,
      since mid Nov.<br>Thanks to everyone who
      helped.<br><br>The club is looking for a Robot Wars chairman, if you
      would consider doing<br>this, let Paul know.
    • smartxpark
      Hello, Have you succeeded ... God To Create Silicon
      Message 1398 of 1398 , Aug 19, 2005
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        Have you succeeded

        --- In artificialintelligencegroup@yahoogroups.com, Spider_Plant9 wrote:
        > The rosetta stone is a archeoliguist's dream come
        > true. The Stone was found in a place called rosetta
        > from what I remember but it helped solve the
        > hieroglyphics puzzle because on the stone was written the same
        > text in three languages Greek, Egytian, and Latin. We
        > knew both Greek and Latin. The egytian language though
        > unknown was also the same texts as the known languages.
        > So, using the other two languages we were able to
        > piece together egyptian.<br><br>Now, you can guess what
        > I'm going to do with the texts and languages I
        > collect. I'm going to create a computerized version of the
        > rosetta complete with the "thought" processes to use it
        > directly and extrapolate more words and
        > sentenses.<br><br>Spider_plant9<br>Archeology and the "Words of
        God"<br>To Create Silicon
        > Life<br>Anybody know of a set of standardized interpretations for
        > the Qur'an.
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