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EuroGP 2013: Third CfP

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  • Krzysztof Krawiec
    (apologies for cross-posting) ***************************************************************************** EuroGP 2013, 16th European Conference on Genetic
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 10, 2012
      (apologies for cross-posting)

      EuroGP 2013, 16th European Conference on Genetic Programming
      3-5 April 2013, Vienna, Austria

      SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 1 November 2012

      EuroGP is the premier annual conference on Genetic Programming,
      attracting participants from all over the world. High quality papers
      describing new original research are sought on topics strongly related
      to the evolution of computer programs, ranging from theoretical work to
      innovative applications. Topics include but are not limited to:

      * Theoretical developments
      * Empirical studies of GP performance and behavior
      * Algorithms, representations and operators
      * Applications of GP to real-world problems
      * Tree-based, Linear, Graph-based, Grammar-based GP
      * Evolutionary design
      * Evolutionary robotics
      * Evolvable hardware
      * Self-reproducing programs
      * Fast/Parallel GP
      * Probabilistic GP
      * Evolution of various classes of automata or machine
      * GP for evolving meta- and hyper-heuristic algorithms
      * Software Engineering and GP
      * Unconventional evolvable computation

      In 2012, EuroGP acceptance rate was 50% (39% for oral presentations).
      Accepted papers will be included in the proceedings published by
      Springer Verlag in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.
      The papers which receive the best reviews will be nominated for the Best
      Paper Award. Authors of selected papers may be invited to submit
      extended versions of their work to the Springer journal Genetic
      Programming and Evolvable Machines (GPEM).

      EuroGP 2013 will be co-located within the EvoStar event with four
      related conferences: EvoBIO, EvoCOP, EvoMUSART, and EvoApplications.

      Visit http://www.evostar.org/cfpEuroGP.html or join the EVOstar group on
      LinkedIn for more details and updates.

      EuroGP programme chairs
      Krzysztof Krawiec, Poznan University of Technology, Poland
      Alberto Moraglio, University of Birmingham, UK
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