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[CFP] A Special Issue on Emerging Synergies of AI and Software Eng., IJSEKE

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    ========= Call for Papers ========= A Special Issue on Emerging Synergies of Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering International Journal of Software
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 26, 2010
      ========= Call for Papers =========

      A Special Issue on Emerging Synergies of Artificial Intelligence and
      Software Engineering
      International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering


      === Theme ===
      As software engineering is requested to answer dynamic, automated,
      adaptive, optimal and/or
      large-scale demands, other computer science disciplines come to play.
      Artificial Intelligence
      is one of them that may bring software engineering into further height.
      Conversely, software
      engineering techniques also play an important role to alleviate
      development cost and time of
      AI techniques as well as assist in introducing new AI techniques. Such
      mutually beneficial
      characteristics have appeared in the past few decades and still evolved
      due to new challenges.
      Several exemplified challenges include, but not limited to, how machine
      learning addresses
      software optimization problems derived from new software approaches
      (e.g., model-driven
      engineering, service-oriented computing, and cloud computing); and
      conversely how these new
      software approaches may help develop artificial intelligence-related
      software environments.

      A special issue on Emerging Synergies of Artificial Intelligence and
      Software Engineering of
      the International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge
      Engineering will devote to the
      latest innovative "synergistic" AI and software engineering
      techniques/practices to the
      aforementioned challenges. Namely, we are interested in new and novel AI
      solutions to software
      engineering challenges, software engineering practices to answer AI
      obstacles, and techniques
      that could benefit these realms bi-directionally.

      The special issue seeks high-quality original and unpublished papers in
      the following topics
      including but not limited to these topics:
      * AI techniques for optimization, transformation, and configuration
      * AI techniques for software reuse, evolution, maintenance and
      * AI techniques for ontology and other semantic aspects in software
      * AI techniques for business process management and business rules
      * AI techniques for reverse engineering and program understanding
      * AI techniques for aspect mining and pattern mining
      * AI techniques for testing and quality assurance
      * AI techniques for performance engineering (e.g., performance
      approximation, monitoring, and adaptation)
      * AI techniques for software specification, design, integration and
      requirement engineering
      * AI techniques for software analysis and validation
      * AI techniques for cost analysis and risk assessment in software
      * Agent-based software engineering
      * Visual modeling and model-driven development for AI techniques
      * Domain modeling and software language engineering (e.g.,
      domain-specific languages) for AI techniques
      * Service-oriented computing and Cloud computing for AI-based
      * Object-oriented and aspect-oriented frameworks to implement and
      evaluate AI techniques
      * Formal methods for AI techniques
      * Rapid prototyping and scripting for AI techniques
      * Software for knowledge acquisition and representation
      * Software metrics applied to AI techniques
      * Search engines in AI
      * User interfaces for AI techniques

      AI techniques of interest include (but are not limited to):
      * Machine Learning (unsupervised and supervised learning), Evolutionary
      Algorithms (e.g. GA, GP, ES),
      Swarm Intelligence, Simulated Annealing, Tabu Search, Probabilistic
      Reasoning, Fuzzy Logic, Neural
      Networks, Petri Nets, Data Mining, Game Theory, Time Series Analysis,
      Logic and reasoning, Knowledge
      representation, AI planning, among others.

      === Important Dates ===
      Paper submission due: February 15, 2011
      Notification due: June 1, 2011
      Revised paper submission due: August 15, 2011
      Final notification: September 30, 2011
      Camera-version due: October 15, 2011
      Tentative publication date: February, 2012

      === Paper Preparation/Submission Guidelines ===
      Paper preparation/submission instructions can be found at

      === Contacts ===
      * Jun Suzuki, University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA (jxs (at) cs
      (dot) umb (dot) edu)
      * Shih-Hsi "Alex" Liu, California State University, Fresno, USA
      (shliu (at) csufresno (dot) edu)
      * Marjan Mernik, University of Maribor, Slovenia (marjan (dot) mernik
      (at) uni-mb (dot) si)
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