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.mERGERs. | Physical and Cognitive Mutations,in Humans & Machines | 24-25/04/09

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  • coschmi38
    (free entry for speakers) (free accommodation for speakers within budgetary limits) .mERGERs. Physical and Cognitive Mutations in Humans and Machines 24
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2009
      (free entry for speakers)
      (free accommodation for speakers within budgetary limits)

      Physical and Cognitive Mutations
      in Humans and Machines

      24 (afternoon) – 25, April 2009, Laval, France

      Call for Informal Communications (100-300 wds)

      SYMPOSIUM: 24-25 April 2009 (1.5 days with free entry to LAVAL VIRTUAL)

      Invited Speakers

      Lorenzo MAGNANI, Professor & Director of the Computational Philosophy
      Laboratory, University of Pavia (IT)
      "Knowledge as Duty. The Mediating Effect of Technological Cultures as
      Human Hybridization"

      Second speaker, TBA

      Biological and mechanical components are merging. The `technological
      artefact' has become a relative notion. Computer-compelled technology
      is drawing closer to human life as we experience it. Human Life will
      undergo further movement towards technology. It would seem that the
      further scientists humanise technology, the more making humans into
      artefacts becomes possible. Since the outburst of the Industrial
      Revolution in Europe, attempts to explain human cognitive life away
      have been on the increase; the idea is to render acceptable the
      organisation of manifest (more or less biological) components whose
      human-like behaviour is guided thanks to various calculations. Whether
      'building up' the Machine or 'breaking down' the human being,
      ambivalence prevails in the hearts of all when it comes to future
      issues: do we or don't we have the right to create certain things?
      What are the key future issues that involve the evolution of our
      machines and our very persons? And what do we wish to become tomorrow?
      Surely there are realistic goals to the activities listed above. It
      has now become necessary to seriously analyse the "fringe-like
      aspects" of the use of technology to modify human life (emergent
      future states & immersion into the unknown). For many, the
      humanisation of technology and rendering human life more technical in
      nature go hand in hand, constitute opposing forces, or at least occur
      on the same practical terrain.
      Therefore, over and beyond confirmations and refutations of the
      humanisation-technicisation relation that exists between Society and
      Technology, whatever its nature, we solicit papers exploring the
      Philosophical, Ethical and Epistemological aspects of the
      simulation/modification of human cognitive and physical processes and
      states for this informal Symposium to be held in Laval France. The
      most promising will be reviewed in view of being published as book
      chapters in a quality publication.

      The following are only examples of relevant topics:

      Related to "Machines"
      Artificial Autonomy and Identity
      Beliefs about Androids (having beliefs)
      Humanoid Robotics and Will
      Bringing Inert Matter to Life (from Galvanism to modern-day approaches)
      Mechanical Playmates and Emergent Affectivity
      Authentification of "Soul" in Artificial Creatures

      Related to "Humans"
      Cyborgs and Problems of Trans-humanism
      Bionics, Augmented Human Cognition and Consequences
      Mutations, Cloning and the (Im)possibility to Socialise Evolutionary

      Related to Communication
      Problems of Communicability with Artificial Creatures
      (incompatibility, theories of Reference)
      Personification of Non-persons
      Acceptance of Inorganic Individuals
      Artificial Intentions and Human Intentionality: Limits and Barriers
      to Establishing Co-intentionality
      The Social Status of Agents and Robots, Legal Issues (rights,
      personal obligations and morals)
      Human Digitalisation (difficulties related to the de-incarnation of
      the Self; personhood, otherhood and sense of community in virtual
      Technology-induced Indecidabilities, Multiple Personalities,
      Existential Trauma
      Suspended Beliefs Hindering Contact with the "Other"

      Logic, Categorisation & Interrogative Argumentation
      Un-technicisation of Humans
      Possibilities and Reasons for De-humanising Technology
      Classification(s) of Humanoid Robotics, Artificial Life,
      Self-transformed Humans, etc. (conceptual graphs, typologies)
      Post-cognitivism, Discursive Mind Theories and Post-humanoid Robotics
      Statements on What Humans or Society Might/Should Become
      Technological Era Positioning or Pragmatic Contextualisation (of all
      the above)
      Re-definitions and Life

      All other analyses of formidable, incongruous or complacent amalgams
      between humanity and technological matter are welcome. We also wish to
      discover texts referring to European Projects (FET Programme, ESF
      Forward Look Workshops, etc.) on like matters. Position-type
      statements (1-2 pages or a simple expression of interest) with respect
      to the concepts eluded to here are particularly encouraged in this
      forum as well as historical accounts as a basis for extrapolating into
      the future. Although attendance will be subject to relevance with the
      Mergers Technical programme, the entire event will benefit from the
      finest media coverage.

      Important Dates
      Statement deadline now till March 10th, 2009 -->
      Notification of acceptation March 15th, 2009
      Conference 24-25 April 2009 (1.5 days with
      FREE entry to LAVAL VIRTUAL (value: 290euros)

      Complimentary admittance for speakers
      + free hotel with reservation for the night of 24/04/2009 (limited
      number, depending on sponsoring) for speakers
      Other attendees (50 euros) wishing to come should contact
      Colin.Schmidt@... as soon as possible


      Colin SCHMIDT, Chair. Cognition, Communication, Philosophy, Le Mans
      University/LAMPA ParisTech (FR)

      Maria-Caterina MANES-GALLO, Professor of Information and Communication
      Sciences, Bordeaux University (FR)

      Serge PROULX, Professor at UQAM Montréal, Director of GRM, Director of
      LabCMO, LCP-CNRS Paris, ENST Telecom ParisTech (CA)

      Shahid RAHMAN, Professor of Logic and Epistemology, MSH du Nord-Pas de
      Calais & Lille III University (FR)

      Simon RICHIR, Professor in Virtual Reality at ENSAM/LAMPA ParisTech (FR)

      Peter-Paul VERBEEK, Assoc. Professor, Philosophy of Science,
      Technology and Society, University of Twente & Society for Philosophy
      and Technology (SPT) (NL)

      Kevin WARWICK, Professor of Cybernetics, Reading University (UK)

      Contact :
      C.T.A. SCHMIDT (MCF 71)

      Work +33 (0)2 43 59 49 20 / 49 25
      52, rue des Docteurs Calmette et Guérin,
      53020 Laval Cedex 09, France

      We are committed to addressing a wide range of themes and to hear as
      many qualified voices as possible, so please circulate this call to
      your colleagues and friends. Feel free to forward it to email lists,
      Internet sources, or other institutions that might be interested. We
      need your help to make .mERGERs.'09 a truly memorable event.

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