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Re: Looking forward to do research in AI

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  • dsharan
    Hi hanhhuun, when I mentioned Yes life can exist without intelligence. what I intended to imply was something like - you could break up the
    Message 1 of 1398 , Apr 9, 2000
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      Hi hanhhuun,<br><br> when I mentioned "Yes life
      can exist without intelligence." what I intended to
      imply was something like -<br> you could break up the
      definition of intelligence in two parts :<br>1. Programming
      of the genetic code (thru evolution) contains
      intelligence but probably has to do with life-support
      functionality and also some trait/characterestic info. about
      the individual. (would also have something like IQ
      level for the individual)<br><br> Infact if we extend
      the above, we can have a hypothetical organism having
      just this ability (ie. to survive) minus the
      intelligence functions not critical to life/survival. for eg.
      this scenario would be the one in which new born
      babies start with. Later with the stimulus from
      environment etc. they interact and learn and gain experience
      as well as intelligence.<br> As an eg. how about
      someone who enters into 'Coma'... or, also extreme cases
      of mental retardness might also just fit
      in..<br><br>2. Other intelligence abilities we learn, with
      experience.<br><br>quote--><br>What is the basis or the structure that give rise to
      the "ability" you refer here? Is is life? If so, the
      life itself precedes
      intelligence.<br><--quote<br><br> Well, I would propose it's the genetic-material
      of the organism which contains things like your
      IQ... As an eg. Even though all of us probably get
      similar education some students pick up things very
      quickly. aka our IQ's varies by birth. <br>So, on this
      isssue it's like I am saying our ability to learn and IQ
      is part of genetic code, and this gives rise to
      other intelligence abilities that we learn, while you
      say it's life which precedes intelligence instead for
      this case.<br>Probably we are looking at the same
      thing but at different
      levels/viewpoints.!<br><br>quote--><br>Can the genetic code itself produce or behave some
      kind of intelligent entity or behavior? The genetic
      code may be a product of intelligent
      process(evolution), but it is just raw
      material.<br><--quote<br>Well it does improve itself, aka evolve.<br>Also
      genetic material by itself does not lend to be an
      intelligent entity. intelligence however lies in the
      programming of genes which actually helps in an order, and
      control towards sustaining life. This I could say is
      primitive intelligence, vital to survival.<br>Here again we
      are at different
      level/viewpoints...<br><br>quote--><br>And last, do you think our generation is more
      intelligent than those of Socrate's generation?
      <br><--quote<br>Okay, maybe I could say, we have evolved and become
      much fitter to our complex environment. Our ability to
      handle and process information would probably have
      improved. So, it's me saying put socrates baby and my baby
      in today's environment and my baby will be able to
      adjust quicker, learn quicker and probably much
      more...<br>But well, like in your test case, put both of them in
      a jungle, apparently they should behave alike and
      at similar level. Maybe I had the wrong viewpoint on
      this...<br><br>Well very true, in the field of AI, it's definitely a
      good approach to come up with some viewpoint aka
      definition of intelligence, to begin with. <br>I guess the
      problem lies in making it complete...(including
      un-explored viewpoints, missing aspects of intelligence). I
      mean it's difficult to answer this question, "what all
      comprises intelligence ?"<br><br>for me it's like,<br>"So
      much to do, So little time ..." -Mr. X<br><br>just
      hope I am able to contribute positively to
      AI...<br><br>At present, I am still not on the road
    • smartxpark
      Hello, Have you succeeded ... God To Create Silicon
      Message 1398 of 1398 , Aug 19 6:49 PM
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        Have you succeeded

        --- In artificialintelligencegroup@yahoogroups.com, Spider_Plant9 wrote:
        > The rosetta stone is a archeoliguist's dream come
        > true. The Stone was found in a place called rosetta
        > from what I remember but it helped solve the
        > hieroglyphics puzzle because on the stone was written the same
        > text in three languages Greek, Egytian, and Latin. We
        > knew both Greek and Latin. The egytian language though
        > unknown was also the same texts as the known languages.
        > So, using the other two languages we were able to
        > piece together egyptian.<br><br>Now, you can guess what
        > I'm going to do with the texts and languages I
        > collect. I'm going to create a computerized version of the
        > rosetta complete with the "thought" processes to use it
        > directly and extrapolate more words and
        > sentenses.<br><br>Spider_plant9<br>Archeology and the "Words of
        God"<br>To Create Silicon
        > Life<br>Anybody know of a set of standardized interpretations for
        > the Qur'an.
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