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Call for GECCO 2009 Workshop Proposals

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  • Anna Esparcia
    Call for GECCO 2009 Workshop Proposals Deadline: 10 November 2008 The GECCO 2009 Program Committee invites proposals for workshops which will be held in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2008
      Call for GECCO 2009 Workshop Proposals
      Deadline: 10 November 2008

      The GECCO 2009 Program Committee invites proposals for workshops which
      will be held in conjunction with the 2009 Genetic and Evolutionary
      Computation Conference (GECCO 2009) in Montreal, Canada, July 8–12.

      Each workshop is assumed to focus on a highly specialized research
      area or emerging research field. Workshops may also focus on
      interdisciplinary research between the genetic and evolutionary
      computation community and other research fields. The workshops provide
      an excellent opportunity to meet other researchers who share the same
      interests and to present recent research and exchange ideas in an
      informal setting. Researchers with a strong background in genetic and
      evolutionary computation are encouraged to submit proposals.
      Workshop organizers are free to chose a format for their workshop. The
      duration of a workshop can be two hours, half day, or a full day long.
      Organizers are encouraged to allow for interactive sessions such as
      debate or discussion sessions, brainstorming or problem solving
      sessions which outside of a workshop may be difficult to accommodate
      inside a larger conference program.

      Each proposal (plain text file) should be contain the following
      1.) A description of the workshop topic. Specific issues on which the
      workshop will focus should be identified. (half page)
      2.) A brief discussion of why the topic is of interest to the genetic
      and evolutionary computation community. What audience will be
      attending the workshop? (half page).
      3.) An estimate of the numbers of potential attendees, accepted papers
      and submissions. If a previous edition of the workshop has already
      taken place then you should also specify how many submissions,
      accepted papers and attendants the workshop had.
      4.) A schedule for the workshop with a duration of either 2 hours, half
      day or a full day. Time slots where the workshop will encourage
      interaction between workshop attendants should be marked. These can
      include a combination of: panel discussions, question and answer
      sessions, hands-on demonstrations, small group problem solving
      sessions, brainstorming sessions, short paper presentations, poster
      sessions and debates. (1 page)
      5.) Names and complete contact information (Postal address, E-mail,
      fax and telephone numbers, WWW page) of the workshop organizers.
      6.) A brief biography of the organizers.

      The proposal should be accompanied by the full CVs of the organizers
      in PDF format. These should include previous experience in workshop or
      conference organization.

      Organizers whose proposals are accepted as a GECCO 2009
      workshop will be responsible for coordinating the workshop. Workshop
      Organizers are responsible for sending out call for papers, gathering
      abstracts and papers to be considered for inclusion in the workshop,
      if applicable, and providing a list of accepted papers and their
      authors, if applicable.

      Attendance at the workshops will be open to all GECCO attendees. Note
      that ALL organizers, participants and presenters must register for the
      GECCO 2009 conference. Organizers of a workshop do NOT qualify for a
      reduction in the registration or accommodation costs of GECCO 2009

      Accepted workshop papers will be collected by Sheridan/ACM Press, and
      published in a separate workshop proceedings. Details and additional
      deadlines will be provided once it has been decided which workshops
      will be accepted for GECCO 2009. All accepted Workshop Papers must use
      the ACM template for papers and must follow all ACM formatting rules.
      Accepted workshop papers that do not use the ACM template and/or do
      not adhere to ACM formatting rules will not be published.

      Workshop proposals can be submitted any time up until November 10,
      2008. Proposals should be submitted as plain text files (no HTML) with
      the exception of the CVs which have to be submitted as PDFs. Workshop
      organizers will be notified by December 10 whether or not their
      workshop is accepted as a GECCO 2009 workshop.

      Proposals should be sent by E-mail to:
      Anna I Esparcia-Alcazar, Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica,
      Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
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