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Re: what is hieararchies about evolutionary computing,...?

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  • smartxpark
    hi, fundamentals - 1 so called biological evolution is following a) there is variation in nature - among and between life forms b) these life forms live in
    Message 1 of 2 , May 27, 2008

      fundamentals -

      1 so called "biological evolution" is following

      a) there is variation in nature - among and between life forms
      b) these life forms live in environments
      c) environments are many - Macro and micro environment -
      d) environments have a very large number of interactions/ influences
      on the life forms

      d1. their ability to live in the environment at all
      d2. their ability to propogate their own kind - that is reach
      reproductive age and reproduce

      e) the products of d2 recurse to (a)
      f) a thru e is life cycle.

      2. This is second stage in "evolutionary logic"

      3. The first stage is "What is life"? - LIfe as defined by Hindus is
      an "attribute" - that which exhibits the primary atrribute of "decay
      and dissolution"

      4. All this is from viewpoints of "observer" and "observed"

      5. A very important anomaly occurs when the "observer" is part of
      the "observed" - "quantum mechanics" where the unexpected is the

      6. In observed/observable phenomenon of life there can
      be "anatomy", "physiology" and stuff depending on what level you are
      observing and comprehending - At micro level everything
      is "biochemistry which is microlevel physics - and its components
      energy / matter + a soul or spirit"

      Given this understanding of nature -

      "evolutionary programming" is in my opinion a highly misinformed and
      not knowledgeable at all definition of programmers messing around in
      the dark and trying to justify their methods by using biology and
      life science terms.

      It is open challenge, in fact for proponents to describe their
      methods in non biological terms and then we'll see how much of the
      soup they really are in.


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      > Hello.what is hieararchies about evolutionary
      > algorithms,genetic programming and genetic algorithms?They are not
      > same.So what is difference among them.If one answer,i will be
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