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Re: [Artificial Intelligence Group] back on topick [wuz: WE'RE FUCKED

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    I thought that this was about artificial intelligence. I m quitting this forum. ... From: Alan Grimes To:
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 9, 2007
      I thought that this was about artificial intelligence. I'm quitting this forum.

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      From: Alan Grimes <agrimes@...>
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      Subject: Re: [Artificial Intelligence Group] back on topick [wuz: WE'RE FUCKED]

      > 2) History is written or edited by the victor's filter so you don't

      > actually know what happened. [...] The only thing that can be done is to try

      > and make sure that government maintains checks and balances and

      represents the

      > people through voting and demonstration.

      1. When was the last time you heard of a major demonstration having any

      measurable impact whatsoever on the political process?

      2. Keep your eyes fixated on the Ron Paul campeign. This is the last

      test for democratic accountability in this country. The dominant powers

      are already using dirty tricks against him such as giving him only the

      most minimal news coverage and giving him the shortest amount of

      speaking time at the debates. Doubtlessly, we will see massive election

      fraud, police actions against major Paul Supporters such as the Liberty

      Dollar, and the very real threat of an assassination. The outcome of

      this election cycle will demonstrate whether or not the people actually

      have any recourse whatsoever to a peaceful political process. Because

      the necessity for real and lasting change in our lifetimes is becoming

      increasingly dire, the people will be forced to resort to the use of

      force against the government and all of the secret societies that

      actually control it. I must stress that the necessity for change is

      absolute. [cut and paste all arguments from the Declaration of

      Independence here].


      Give your money to Ron Paul before Helicopter Bernenke makes it


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