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  • jonkanderson
    Thanks for all of the response. Connectionist wrote: > By the way, I read in the CYC documentation that > the first phase involved the
    Message 1 of 1398 , Jul 17, 1999
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      Thanks for all of the
      response.<br><br>Connectionist wrote:<br>> By the way, I read in the CYC
      documentation that<br>> the first phase involved the
      hard-coding of facts,<br>> but there was also to be a
      second phase where the<br>> system would be learning
      the rest by itself. I<br>> don't know however how
      far or what exactly they<br>> are doing in this
      respect.<br><br>Thanks, I guess I should have read further.<br><br>>
      If you mean, however, reacting appropriately
      to<br>> various situations / events, then, why not,
      both<br>> CAN appear to be intelligent.<br><br>I suppose
      working toward a solid definition of<br>intelligence is
      as useless now as it was for past<br>philosophers.
      The interesting thing is how we<br>understand it.
      Mihailo's tic-tac-toe god is<br>intelligent in its world
      because it is suited to<br>that world. As further
      explained, learning then<br>becomes important in our world
      because of the<br>complexity of our world.
      <br><br>Mihailo wrote:<br>> there should be tremendously large
      number<br>> of those "rules" embedded into the object<br>>
      itself which is impossible considering the<br>>
      complexity of the world.<br><br>I think that one of the
      challenges in making a<br>knowledge-based system which works
      well is that its<br>world is sufficiently narrowed so
      that it can remain<br>an expert in a very specific
      field and not get lost<br>in our large world. (My
      calculator is still an<br>expert at math that I can't do in
      my head.)<br><br>nam wrote:<br>> It does seem to
      be a reasonable place to start<br>> laying down
      ground rules to the "child mind".<br>> Wouldn't you
      think so??<br><br>In my mind, the trouble is picking
      the right ground<br>rules. Is gravity a force, or a
      constant<br>acceleration. Maybe its a curvature of space. Maybe<br>it is
      simply the tendency for things to go down. I<br>know a
      9-month old who doesn't know how to speak,<br>but he does
      communicate and he learns a lot. Being<br>suited for his
      world is not a matter of knowing<br>about the best
      definition of gravity, but about<br>learning how gravity
      seems to cause the floor to<br>hurt his face when he
      tries to walk. Right now, he<br>is not an expert to
      consult on anything, but given<br>some years, he very
      well might be. The knowledge<br>that is innate to him
      seems to be the ability to<br>learn and interact with
      his world as well as the<br>desire to communicate, to
      survive, and to explore.<br><br>Thanks again for
      everyone's thoughts.<br><br>Jon<br><br>P.S. Please correct
      me if I misrepresented anyone's<br>ideas.
    • smartxpark
      Hello, Have you succeeded ... God To Create Silicon
      Message 1398 of 1398 , Aug 19, 2005
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        Have you succeeded

        --- In artificialintelligencegroup@yahoogroups.com, Spider_Plant9 wrote:
        > The rosetta stone is a archeoliguist's dream come
        > true. The Stone was found in a place called rosetta
        > from what I remember but it helped solve the
        > hieroglyphics puzzle because on the stone was written the same
        > text in three languages Greek, Egytian, and Latin. We
        > knew both Greek and Latin. The egytian language though
        > unknown was also the same texts as the known languages.
        > So, using the other two languages we were able to
        > piece together egyptian.<br><br>Now, you can guess what
        > I'm going to do with the texts and languages I
        > collect. I'm going to create a computerized version of the
        > rosetta complete with the "thought" processes to use it
        > directly and extrapolate more words and
        > sentenses.<br><br>Spider_plant9<br>Archeology and the "Words of
        God"<br>To Create Silicon
        > Life<br>Anybody know of a set of standardized interpretations for
        > the Qur'an.
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