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Digitation vs. Randomization

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  • Mark
    I was curious to everyone s opinion and I really don t want to start a flaming battle. There is always the continued debate of evolution vs. creation. If we
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 15, 2005
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      I was curious to everyone's opinion and I really don't want to start a
      flaming battle. There is always the continued debate of evolution vs.
      creation. If we are actually going to create a digital entity, it would
      have to evolve in some sense from its initial state (or it would just be
      another program) to a more complex state. Be it from environmental
      contact, some kind of user input, or from drawing conclusions from
      already assimilated data. Aren't we therefore satisfying both by
      creating the being from our own minds/efforts and evolving the entity
      from its initial inception. I would venture to guess that once it was
      aware of its own consciousness that it would eventually be curious about
      its creation and since we created it, its initial guess would be that we
      are God? To guess even further and once it realizes that we question
      our own existence, it would alter it perception of us. Who knows, but
      since most A.I. researchers are trying to mimic human functionality, it
      could be a possible scenario. Another though might be that it believes
      it is the culmination of many small pieces that have changed over time
      to eventually become what it is now. All creatures from simple to
      complex eventually begin to form a structure when interacting with
      others like itself or with other creatures in their habitat. Ants form
      hives, people have a social structure, cells form organs and trees and
      such. I think an artificial being would react the same way with it's
      interactions with us (and others like itself once that day comes). I
      think there really can only be 3 possible avenues for this. 1.)
      Dominant to us 2.) Subservient to us 3.) Integration with us As there
      becomes more and more alife beings, each would follow this to some
      1.) Dominance - It would follow in its creator's image and begin
      creating on its own
      2.) Subservient - It would know that we are the master and it is the
      3.) Integration - It would adapt itself to be our equals

      Ok, that's going a little farther then I wanted to. So my question is,
      if we create life are we then god to it or are we simply putting into
      motion our same evolutionary path but in a Primordial Net?


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