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HIS'04 - Call for Papers

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  • Ajith Abraham
    **** HIS 04 - Call for Papers **** 4rd International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS 04) December 05-08, 2004 Kitakyushu, Japan Conference URL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      **** HIS'04 - Call for Papers ****

      4rd International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems (HIS'04)

      December 05-08, 2004
      Kitakyushu, Japan

      Conference URL: http://his04.hybridsystem.com

      Mirror Site: http://www.cs.nmt.edu/~his04


      Deadline for Paper Submission: August 16, 2004


      HIS'04 is technically co-sponsored by:

      - IEEE Neural Network Society (pending approval)
      - The World Federation on Soft Computing
      - International Fuzzy Systems Association

      Hybridization of intelligent systems is a promising research field
      of computational intelligence focusing on synergistic combinations
      of multiple approaches to develop the next generation of intelligent
      systems. A fundamental stimulus to the investigations of Hybrid
      Intelligent Systems (HIS) is the awareness that combined approaches
      will be necessary if the remaining tough problems in artificial
      intelligence are to be solved. Neural computing, machine learning,
      fuzzy logic, evolutionary algorithms, agent-based methods, among
      others, have been established and shown their strength and
      drawbacks. Recently, hybrid intelligent systems are getting popular
      due to their capabilities in handling several real world
      complexities involving imprecision, uncertainty and vagueness.

      HIS'04 builds on the success of HIS'03, which was held in Melbourne,
      Australia during 14-17 December 2003 and attracted participants from
      over 30 countries. HIS'04 is the fourth International conference
      that brings together researchers, developers, practitioners, and
      users of soft computing, computational intelligence, multi-agents,
      and several other intelligent computing techniques. The objectives
      of this international meeting are to increase the awareness of the
      research community of the broad spectrum of hybrid techniques, to
      bring together AI researchers from around the world to present their
      cutting-edge results, to discuss the current trends in HIS research,
      to develop a collective vision of future opportunities, to establish
      international collaborative opportunities, and as a result to
      advance the state of the art of the field.

      HIS'04 invites authors to submit original and unpublished work that
      demonstrate current research in hybrid intelligent systems research
      and their applications in science, technology, business and
      commerce. Submitted papers have to be original, containing new and
      original results. The assessment criteria will be heavily weighted
      towards originality, potential impact and relevance to HIS'04
      themes. All papers will be peer reviewed by three independent
      referees of the international program committee of HIS'04.

      HIS'04 will focus on the following topics:

      ** Theoretical Advances in Hybrid Intelligent System Architectures

      * Interactions between neural networks and fuzzy inference
      * Hybrid learning techniques
      (supervised/unsupervised/reinforcement learning)
      * Artificial neural network optimization using global
      optimization techniques
      * Fuzzy inference system optimization using global optimization
      * Hybrid systems involving support vector machines, rough sets,
      Bayesian networks, probabilistic reasoning, minimum message length,
      * Hybrid computing using neural networks - fuzzy systems -
      evolutionary algorithms
      * Hybrid optimization techniques (evolutionary algorithms,
      simulated annealing, tabu search, GRASP etc.)
      * Hybrid of soft computing and statistical learning techniques
      * Integration with Intelligent agents (architectures,
      environments, adaptation/learning and knowledge management)
      * Hybrid models using inductive logic programming, logic
      synthesis, grammatical inference, case-based reasoning etc.

      ** Hybrid Approaches and Applications

      * Robotics and automation
      * Biomimetic applications
      * Bioinformatics
      * Web intelligence
      * Image and signal processing
      * Adaptive systems
      * Data mining
      * Behavioral simulations
      * Affective computing
      * Soft computing for control and automation
      * Multi-agent systems
      * Knowledge management
      * Communication and networking
      * Business systems and financial engineering.
      * Power engineering

      We invite you to submit a:

      - full paper of 6 pages (A4 size) for oral presentation

      - proposal to organize a technical session and/or workshop (see the
      Call for Events Proposals in the conference Web page for more

      Submitted papers have to be original, containing new and original
      results. The proceedings of the Conference will be published by
      Advanced Knowledge International, Australia. It is assumed that all
      accepted manuscripts would be presented at the conference. All
      accepted papers must be accompanied by a full paid registration to
      appear in the proceedings. All full papers are to be submitted in
      PDF electronically via the web site. Hard copies should be sent only
      if electronic submission is not possible. All papers will be peer
      reviewed by at least three independent referees of the international
      program committee of HIS'04.

      * Journal Publication Opportunities *

      Papers addressing strong HIS theoretical developments (based on the
      referee recommendations) after substantial revision may be
      considered for publication in the International Journal of Hybrid
      Intelligent Systems (IJHIS - http://ijhis.hybridsystem.com).

      Applied Soft Computing
      Extended versions of 10 application papers of the conference will
      also be invited for a "fast track" submission for the Elsevier
      Science Applied Soft Computing Journal

      Important Dates

      Deadline for workshop/sessions/tutorial proposals: July 02, 2004
      Deadline for Paper Submission (full paper): August 16, 2004
      Notification of Acceptance: September 30, 2004
      Deadline for Camera Ready Papers and Authors' Registration: October
      15, 2004
      HIS'04 Conference in Kitakyushu, Japan: December 05-08, 2004


      Honorary Chair
      Shunichi Amari, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan

      General Chairs
      Mario Koeppen, Fraunhofer IPK FHG, Germany
      Ajith Abraham, Oklahoma State University, USA
      David Corne, University of Exerter, UK

      Program Chairs
      Shuji Hashimoto, Waseda University, Japan
      Masumi Ishikawa, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

      International Co-Chairs
      Yasuhiko Dote, Muroran Institute of Technology, Japan
      Lakhmi Jain, University of South Australia, Australia
      Kate Smith, Monash University, Australia

      International Advisory Board
      David Fogel, Natural Selection Inc., USA
      Janusz Kacprzyk, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
      Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, Universidad de Chile, Chile
      Vasile Palade, University of Oxford, UK
      Jae Oh, Syracuse University, USA
      Marley Vellasco, PUC-Rio, Brazil

      Local Organizing Chairs
      Emilia Barakova, RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan
      Kaori Yoshida, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

      Finance Chair
      Bob Howlett, University of Brighton, UK

      Special Event Chair
      Katrin Franke, Fraunhofer IPK FHG, Germany

      Publicity Chair
      Vitorino Ramos, CVRM - IST, Portugal

      Contact Information

      For general enquiries
      Mario Köppen
      Department of Pattern Recognition, Franuhofer IPK-Berlin, Germany
      Email: mario.koeppen@...

      For local information
      Kaori Yoshida
      Kyushu Institute of Technology,Japan
      Email: yoshida@...
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