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CFP for the ICMLA'03

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    Call for Papers for the 2003 International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA 03) June 23-24, 2003 Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Los Angeles,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2003
      Call for Papers for the 2003 International Conference on Machine
      Learning and Applications (ICMLA'03)
      June 23-24, 2003
      Sheraton Gateway Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA

      The aim of the conference is to bring researchers working in the
      areas of machine learning and applications together. The conference
      will cover both theoretical and experimental research results.
      Submission of machine learning papers describing machine learning
      applications in fields like medicine, biology, industry, virtual
      environments, game playing and problem solving is strongly

      Scope of the Conference:
      - multistrategy learning
      - statistical learning
      - neural network learning
      - learning through fuzzy logic
      - learning through evolution (evolutionary algorithms)
      - bayesian network
      - case-based reasoning
      - evolutionary computation
      - reinforcement learning
      - machine learning of natural language
      - grammatical inference
      - knowledge acquisition and learning
      - knowledge discovery in databases
      - knowledge intensive learning
      - knowledge representation and reasoning
      - information retrieval and learning
      - theories and models for plausible reasoning
      - cooperative learning
      - planning and learning
      - multi-agent learning
      - web navigation and mining
      - online learning
      - learning through text mining
      - inductive learning
      - inductive logic programming
      - feature extraction and classification
      - support vector machines
      - computational learning theory
      - cognitive-modeling
      - hybrid algorithms
      - machine learning in game playing and problem solving
      - machine learning in intelligent virtual environments
      - machine learning in medicine
      - machine learning in biology
      - machine learning in industrial applications

      Contributions describing applications of machine learning techniques
      to real-world problems, interdisciplinary research involving machine
      learning, experimental and/or theoretical studies yielding new
      insights into the design of ML systems, and papers describing
      development of new analytical frameworks that advance practical
      learning methods are especially encouraged.

      Important Dates:
      Important Dates:
      1. Regular Research Papers and Regular Research Reports due by :
      Feb. 21, 2003
      Notification of acceptance : March 24, 2003
      Camera-ready papers & Pre-registration due : April 21, 2003

      2. Short Research Papers and Poster Papers due by : April 11, 2003
      Notification of acceptance : May 11, 2003
      Camera-ready papers & Pre-registration due : May 23, 2003

      3. The ICMLA Conference : June 23-24,2003

      Note: Regular Research Papers and Exceptionally good Short Research
      Papers will be allocated slots for formal presentation. Regular
      Research Reports and Poster Papers will be allocated slots in
      discussion and poster sessions.

      Honorary Chair:
      Professor Ryszard Michalski
      PRC Professor of Computational Sciences,
      Director, Machine Learning and Inference Laboratory, George Mason

      Conference Chairs:
      Conference Chair:
      Professor M. Arif Wani
      Department of Computer Science, California State University

      Conference Co-Chair:
      Professor Krzysztof Cios
      Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of
      Colorado at Denver

      Keynote and Distinguished Speakers:

      Professor Lotfi A. Zadeh
      Computer Science Division, Department of Electrical Engineering and
      Computer Sciences, University of California Berkeley

      Professor Haym Hirsh
      Department of Computer Science, Rutgers University

      Professor Xin Yao
      School of Computer Science, The University of Birmingham

      Professor Khurshid Ahmad
      Department of Computing, University of Surrey

      Dr. Vasile Palade
      Computing Laboratory, Oxford University

      Professor John R. Koza
      Consulting Professor, Biomedical Informatics, Department of
      Medicine, Stanford University
      Consulting Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, School
      of Engineering, Stanford University

      Members of the Program Committee:
      Ajith Abraham, USA
      John E. Anderson, Canada
      Victor Bassilious, UK
      Maumita Bhattacharya, Australia
      K. K. Biswas, India
      A. Mounir Boukadoum, Canada
      James Caroll, USA
      David Wolfe Corne, UK
      Steffan Demov, UK
      A. Fatholahzadeh, France
      K. Hafeez, UK
      Wynne Hsu, Singapore
      Francois Jacquenet, France
      Janusz Kacprzyk, Poland
      Mehmed Kantardzic, USA
      Vojislav Kecman, New Zealand
      Graham Kendall, UK
      Lukasz Kurgan, USA
      James Kwok, Hong Kong
      Wei Li, USA
      Junshi Ma, USA
      Maria Martins, UK
      Vasileios Megalooikonomou, USA
      H. Oduncu, UK
      Vasile Palade, UK
      Witold Pedrycz, Canada
      Petra Perner, Germany
      Bhanu Prasad, USA
      Bernardete Ribeiro, Portugal
      Z. Sahnoun, Algeria
      Jungpil Shin, Japan
      Iryna Skrypnyk, Finland
      Ryszard Tadeusiewicz, Poland
      Ricardo Vilalta, USA
      Donghui Wu, USA

      Proposal for Organizing Special Sessions or Workshops:
      Each special session will have at least six paper presentations. The
      session chairs will be responsible for soliciting the papers,
      reviewing, and making final decisions, in consultation with the
      conference co-chairs. The names of session chairs will appear as
      Associate Editors in the proceedings.

      Proposals to organize special sessions should include the following
      information: name and address (including E-mail) of the proposer,
      title of a session, a 100-word description, and a short description
      on how the session will be advertised (in most cases, session
      proposers will solicit papers). Mail your proposal to M. Arif Wani
      (email address: awani@...).

      Proposals to organize workshops should include the following
      information: name and address (including E-mail) of the proposer,
      title of a workshop, a 100-word description, and a short
      description on how the workshop will be advertised. Mail your
      proposal to M. Arif Wani (email address: awani@...).

      Evaluation and Publication:
      Papers will be evaluated for originality, significance, and clarity.
      Each paper will be refereed by two reviewers.

      The conference proceedings will be published by AMLA (ISBN), as a
      hardcopy. In addition, a CD version will also be available. The
      proceedings will be available at the conference.
      After the conference some papers will be considered for journal

      A number of faculty members and their staff will be organizing the
      conference. The conference will be sponsored by the Association for
      Machine Learning and Applications (AMLA) along with other research
      centers (to be announced at a later time).

      An exhibition is planned for the duration of the conference.
      Interested parties should contact M. A. Wani (awani@...).
      All exhibitors will be considered to be the co-sponsors of the

      Location of the Conference and Accommodation:
      The conference will be held in the Sheraton Gateway Hotel Los
      Angeles Airport, California, USA. The Sheraton Hotel has excellent
      conference facilities and over 725 rooms. The hotel is minutes from
      the Los Angeles International airport with 24-hour complimentary
      shuttle service to and from the airport.

      As LAX's most accessible hotel, you'll find that many of Southern
      California's major attractions are just minutes away.

      The negotiated hotel's room rate for conference attendees is very
      reasonable (79USD + tax) per night (no extra charge for double
      occupancy) for the duration of the conference.

      Los Angeles is only a few hours away from cities like San Francisco,
      San Diego, Las Vegas, and the Grand Canyon.

      Submission of Papers:
      All papers should be submitted to ICMLA office (icmla@...).
      The paper submission guidelines can be located at the conference
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