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AI Opportunities at Lockheed Martin

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  • ramming_1998
    The Advanced Technology Laboratories is the advanced computing asset of Lockheed Martin Corporation-a global enterprise with core businesses in systems
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2002
      The Advanced Technology Laboratories is the advanced computing asset
      of Lockheed Martin Corporation-a global enterprise with core
      businesses in systems integration, space, aeronautics and technology
      services. The mission at the Advanced Technology Laboratories is to
      enhance the Corporation's competitive edge. We are organized into
      three laboratories: Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Processing,
      and Embedded Processing. We are a group of professionals who develop
      and apply exciting technologies in the AI Laboratory including:

      -autonomous control/operations
      -predictive battlespace awareness
      -adversary decision modelling
      -intent inference/situation assessment
      -target recognition
      -virtual prototyping
      -cognitive science
      -knowledgable interfaces
      -decision aiding systems
      -machine learning
      -human-computer interaction
      -cognitive science
      -data mining
      -automated command and control
      -intelligent agents
      -data/information fusion
      NOTE: US Citizenship required.

      Formulate, design, implement and analyze concept development programs
      that support automated command and control. Requires the application
      of a wide range of techniques, from conventional computer science and
      artificial intelligence, to conception and implementation of
      comprehensive solutions.

      Our facility is a new state-of-the-art complex that sits on the shore
      of the Delaware River opposite Philadelphia-the fifth largest
      metropolitan area in the nation. Our neighbors on the Camden
      Waterfront include the battleship USS New Jersey, the New Jersey
      State Aquarium, the Tweeter Center (an outdoor amphitheater) and
      Campbell's Field (home for the Riversharks AAA baseball team).

      In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, we offer flexible
      work schedules and a relaxed dress code. A full service cafeteria,
      fitness center and fully equipped medical center are on site.


      NOTE: US Citizenship required.

      MS in Computer Science desired. PhD preferred. Minimum of 5 to 7
      years experience and proven superior performance in research or
      application experience in developing knowledge-based prototypes for
      command and control or related systems. Thorough understanding of
      C++. JAVA experience preferred. Proven experience performing
      knowledge engineering with domain experts.
      Must work independently, with minimal supervision, and work well as a
      team member as well as demonstrate capabilities to coordinate and
      supervise the technical work of other engineers. Effective technical
      presentation and writing skills and ability to interact well with
      personnel from other technical and managerial disciplines are
      Participate actively in acquiring new business. Must be a leader in
      designing and developing systems and in developing and adhering to
      statements of work for a project. Must be responsible for initial
      task definition, schedule, budget and final packaging of the product
      including the preparation of documentation and development of an
      appropriate user interface. Must assist the customer in integrating
      the package in the target environment and in training the customer to
      use it.

      George Ramming
      Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories
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