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I invite you to Computer Ethics Club...

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  • manivannan_pk
    Dear Members of AI club, Whenever intellectuals feel it a boon to have a revolutionary progress in technology, take for examples this Internet,
    Message 1 of 1398 , Oct 22, 1999
      Dear Members of AI club,<br><br> Whenever
      intellectuals feel it a boon to have a revolutionary progress
      in technology, take for examples this Internet,
      Satellite, Televisions, etc., it is bitterly true that it is
      a glad thing for black-minded persons and Perverts
      too! Have you ever worried for the web being misused
      by such culprits ? Most of the "bits" that are
      transferred using the web, perhaps making you annoyed, belong
      to pornos, erotic chat-rooms, and all those kinds of
      stuff. <br><br> Why so narrow, let us take the whole
      field of Computers. Haven't you come across such misuse
      of the field ? How many porno CD's, viruses,
      etc.?<br> <br> If you bother about this degeneration and
      really care to DO something that will atleast spread
      awareness among the web-users, you are welcome to the
      Computer Ethics Club (Yahoo). Come on, let us think what
      can be done against this "what should not be done"!
      Let all of us, who care for the Ethics of Human race,
      get united and take steps against anything that goes
      against Ethics.<br><br> Have you heard the
      saying,<br><br> "The weakness of good men is that they are
      scattered; The strength of the bad ones are that they are
      united"<br><br> Even after realising this, why should we, good
      ones, stay isolated ?<br><br> (Search for the Comuter
      Ethics Club in the Computer Science Clubs
      Category)<br><br> Confident to meet you there,<br><br>With
      care,<br> Mani.
    • smartxpark
      Hello, Have you succeeded ... God To Create Silicon
      Message 1398 of 1398 , Aug 19, 2005

        Have you succeeded

        --- In artificialintelligencegroup@yahoogroups.com, Spider_Plant9 wrote:
        > The rosetta stone is a archeoliguist's dream come
        > true. The Stone was found in a place called rosetta
        > from what I remember but it helped solve the
        > hieroglyphics puzzle because on the stone was written the same
        > text in three languages Greek, Egytian, and Latin. We
        > knew both Greek and Latin. The egytian language though
        > unknown was also the same texts as the known languages.
        > So, using the other two languages we were able to
        > piece together egyptian.<br><br>Now, you can guess what
        > I'm going to do with the texts and languages I
        > collect. I'm going to create a computerized version of the
        > rosetta complete with the "thought" processes to use it
        > directly and extrapolate more words and
        > sentenses.<br><br>Spider_plant9<br>Archeology and the "Words of
        God"<br>To Create Silicon
        > Life<br>Anybody know of a set of standardized interpretations for
        > the Qur'an.
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