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  • DHandy
    May 2, 2007
      I'm not a expert Rahma; but couldn't you just give it several options to choose from then have it randomly pick one. I know it's not as flashy as actually randomly generating a tree from a list of parts to use but it works and it's what everyone in the ame industry has been doing to simulate randomness up until now.


      rahma ahmad <giventree2003@...> wrote: all what i can say is , try to do it in java because it will be easier than other languages .i hope i can help u but i have my own problem ,i'm trying to find the implementation of the search strategy (breath first , depth first, A*, greedy,minmax) my instructor want me to draw the tree (which should be generated randomly) on the screen and illustrate each strategy ,what do u think is it easy?
      I would send you any thing useful and related to ur problem


      erdemuren <erdemuren@...> wrote:
      i have a project about 8 puzzle. i must do it for a short time. if you
      have this project about 8 puzzle i will be glad to your help. i need a
      code about this project

      the project

      i wait for your answer. thanks very much

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