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1748I suppose as a new member i should do the initiatic presentation

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  • Drnath <stargate777yyy@yahoo.com>
    Feb 5, 2003
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      So here we are :
      I speak English(fluent), french(fluent) and some spanish (but do not
      write it)i can't mention the german despite the fact i study it 3 year
      it was nearly 20 years ago and i forgot every thing.
      if some peoples want to talk to me with one of the mention languages
      they can

      I study philosophy in sciences in all of this metaphysical aspects
      including the theology and some religious antropology
      I have made the decision to start a other degree in as you will guess
      i do not have much previous knowledges on the subject but have great
      interest and some educational background on physics & electronics
      and of course i been study biology & neurology mostly on a personal
      basis as well as via some short courses
      i prepare this degree in AI at westminster uni in UK
      as you can see my motivation are pretty obvious
      i problaly gone have the asking question position but do not worry
      thing change and as the time goes i will be able to answer yours...
      maby ..yes
      on a personal basis i am a very open minded lady ,like to socialized
      and like to be traited politely
      I run myself a studygroup who offer info to this member on all
      i like music,art,the animal kingdom which i think have some suprisely
      efficient capability which i find superiour of us in many domain,i
      also like travels and all related to the biologic life on this planet
      and behond
      please have a look at my profile which i up dated regulary to forge
      yourself a better image of my lastest neurologic influences
      i hope we gone have some pleasant and usefull time
      i do have a project..which is why i started my degree

      best regard & warm salutation
      hoping to have some pleasant conversation with all of you
      your welcome to send me mail