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1701Stereoscopic vision

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  • Bob Mottram <fuzzgun@btinternet.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
      Hello peeps and welcome to 2003 !

      I've now finished the first version of my stereoscopic vision demo
      for Windows. Formerly this only worked under linux, but I've been
      able to make my way through the jungle of DirectShow to produce a
      Windows version of the same thing.

      The windows version performs significantly faster, since there are no
      problems with support for the camera image compression.

      Since the stereo vision system doesn't rely upon motion detection or
      having the cameras in a fixed position it would be particularly
      suitable for mobile robotics. You could use it for visual obstacle
      avoidance, but my first thought is to use it to produce a more
      reliable face location system. I've tested the system on my 1.7GHz PC
      and I think that sort of processing speed is probably the minimum for
      practical applications.

      - Bob