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1496Re: the quest for om.

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  • young_and_benevolent
    Jul 4, 2002
      "red_cell_op" <RED_CELLss@H...> wrote:
      > The human eye takes pictures at approximately 25shots/second.

      Actually, film works at 24 frames per second, and TV at 25/sec. Your
      eyes, however, work at about 1000 fps. Your brain is cognitive of
      these pictures in a vastly different way, so that a "frames per
      second" rating becomes meaningless.

      > On _depth perception_ ...

      Maybe the lasers that land surveyors use to judge distance would be
      easier and more accurate than running an algorithm on an image.

      > If a robot is ordered to find an exit out of a room;
      > and the robot circles about looking for a door or
      > opening and happens to find none--the room is walled
      > completely. How does the robot improvise on its own?
      > E.g. Break down a wall.

      A good question. I guess that it would either be programmed to
      destroy objects in it's way, or it would have to learn to do that by
      itself. How, though, I'm not sure!

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