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Springtime in Boston

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  • Ryan Hogan
    A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Ryan Hogan Article Title: Springtime in Boston See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article. Article Description: Spring
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      A Free-Reprint Article Written by: Ryan Hogan

      Article Title:
      Springtime in Boston

      See TERMS OF REPRINT to the end of the article.

      Article Description:
      Spring is always a welcomed time of year especially after a
      long, cold winter. In Boston, springtime is a chance to
      forget all about the snow and ice and instead embrace the
      numerous outdoor activities the city has to offer.

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      Springtime in Boston
      Copyright (c) 2010 Ryan Hogan
      Boston Smarts

      Spring is always a welcomed time of year especially after a long,
      cold winter. In Boston, springtime is a chance to forget all
      about the snow and ice and instead embrace the numerous outdoor
      activities the city has to offer.

      First and foremost is the Boston Marathon. The world's oldest
      and most prestigious annual marathon attracts runners from all
      over the world. The race starts in nearby Hopkinton and finishes
      26 miles, 385 yards later in Boston's Back Bay.

      Play Ball! The Boys of Summer actually begin their quest to reach
      the Fall Classic in the spring. The Boston Red Sox begin their
      season in April and they play in the venerated and legendary
      Fenway Park. The historic ballpark offers tours of its fable
      grounds until two hours before first pitch.

      While not outside, the spring also means it's post season time
      for the NBA's Boston Celtics and the NHL's Boston Bruins. Both
      teams play at TD Garden.

      Speaking of "garden," nothing says springtime more than
      gardens, greenspaces and flowers in bloom. The Emerald Necklace
      offers Boston residents and visitors the best opportunity to
      commune with nature. Six parks compose the Emerald Necklace: the
      Back Bay Fens, the Riverway, Olmsted Park, Jamaica Pond, Arnold
      Arboretum, and Franklin Park. If you're up for a walk, Boston
      Park rangers will lead you on foot through all six recreational

      Not part of the Emerald Necklace but a fabulous outdoor space
      nonetheless is the Public Garden situated right next to Boston
      Common. This beautiful 24-acre plot of land is the United
      States' first public garden. The park is home to a large bronze
      statue of George Washington.

      However, the Public Garden's main attraction is the swan boats.
      These boats, which have been in service since 1877, and are
      synonymous with the city, begin their annual operations in April.
      Swan boats are 30 feet long, hold about 20 passengers, and are
      generally operated by high school and college students. They were
      apparently inspired by Richard Wagner's Lohengrin.

      The Franklin Park Zoo, part of Franklin Park from the Emerald
      Necklace, is the oldest zoo in the United States. It was founded
      in 1913. Animals are out and about all year around but what makes
      springtime especially enticing for visitors is the prospect of
      seeing cute little baby animals.

      The 22-acre Castle Island is open to the public year around but
      from Memorial Day through Labor Day the historic Fort
      Independence is open for tours. The fort, situated on the island,
      played a part in the American Revolution and later served as
      Massachusetts' first state prison. Besides the fort there's
      also a playground for the kids. For lunch, families can enjoy
      foot-long hotdogs from Sullivan's Snack bar. Visiting the island
      is free.

      Springtime is also a great time to take a tour of the city. Old
      Town Trolley Tours offers extensive sightseeing expeditions of
      Beantown; the unique Boston Duck Tours takes visitors on an
      amphibious journey of the city; and Boston By Foot is perfect for
      those wishing to see the town and take a walk at the same time.

      Springtime is also the prime opportunity to tour Boston Harbor.
      Boston Harbor Cruises, located at One Long Wharf, shows tourists
      the vast sights of the harbor including the historic U.S.S.

      Quincy Market and Harvard Square come alive during the spring
      months. These destinations provide prime people watching
      opportunities and are brimming with unique and talented street
      performers. You'll find more "acts" on the weekend then during
      the week. Expect everything from magicians to break dancers.

      "The Market" is located downtown near Faneuil Hall while "The
      Square" is at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue, Brattle
      Street, and John F. Kennedy Street adjacent to Harvard Yard.

      Springtime is also a great time to catch a show. Boston has
      several venues hosting the best in music, comedy, and stage
      productions such as the Wang Theatre, The Orpheum, The Boston
      Opera House (see Wicked in Boston for example), the Shubert
      Theatre, and Bank of America Pavilion. A show is so much better
      when you know you'll be walking out of the venue into a lovely
      Boston springtime evening and not into a cold winter night.

      Ryan Hogan is a writer for the CitySmarts series of websites,
      including http://www.BostonSmarts.com/ a site dedicated to
      helping people find fun things to do in Boston in the spring and
      every season. http://www.bostonsmarts.com/SpringtimeinBoston.asp

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