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A Personal Trainer's Top Five Fitness Tips

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      Permission is granted to reproduce this article electronically,
      provided the resource box is used with all hyperlinks active and
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      Fitness and nutrition are vital components of happiness. Here
      are five tips to get fit today.

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      A Personal Trainer's Top Five Fitness Tips
      By David Leonhardt

      One of the factors that affect our happiness is how well we feel
      physically. Exercise and proper nutrition can play a vital role
      in our mood and our sense of well-being.

      Exercise is all about keeping your body-well tuned. A well-tuned
      body can handle everything better, including everything that is
      happening in your body at a microscopic level. When one's body
      is happy, so is one's countenance.

      Nutrition is about getting the right ingredients to your body to
      cook up optimum health. If money can't buy happiness, health
      can...or at least, it can help you avoid unhappiness.

      Both exercise and good nutrition help you feel energized, which
      is an important component in motivation, in extroversion, it
      feeling optimistic and in so many other key indicators of
      happiness. Happiness is about much more than fitness, but
      fitness should not be overlooked.

      I asked my friend Corey Ritter, a top personal trainer, to
      provide a few fitness tips for increased energy and reduced
      stress, that I could share with my Daily Dose of Happiness

      Fitness Tip #1:

      Eat lean protein every three hours! Proteins main function: Help
      build and maintain healthy muscle. Which in-turn will help
      increase your metabolic rate to assist in burning body fat. Good
      sources: Egg Whites, Chicken Breast, Sirloin Lean Steak, Lean
      Ground Turkey, Fresh Fish, Protein Shakes.

      Fitness Tip #2:

      Walk around the block. There are many benefits to be gained from
      walking. These can include more energy, deeper and more
      satisfying sleep, stronger leg muscles, lower body fat, higher
      metabolic rate, and reduce stress! Everyday for 20-30 minutes at
      a brisk walk. Preferably first thing in the morning!

      Fitness Tip #3:

      Stretch, Stretch, Stretch. Anytime, but at least once a day one
      week before the wedding. Increases flexibility, reduces stress,
      improve coordination, increase circulation and it feels good,
      just to name a few benefits. Hold each stretch for a minimum of
      10-30 seconds, repeat 2-3 times.

      Fitness Tip #4:

      Avoid simple carbs! Their rapid absorption increases the chances
      of sugar converting to fat! Stay away from foods like: Bagels,
      pies, cakes, potato chips, many ready-to-eat cereals, white
      pasta, white bread, juice drinks with added sugar, alcohol,
      candy, soda pop, and syrup!

      Fitness Tip #5:

      Drink plenty of fresh, clean water. Yes, I know that you have
      probably heard this one over and over again. But there's a reason
      for that - it's that important! It aids in fat loss, detoxifies
      the liver and kidneys, and carries away waste from the body. It
      is recommended for best results to consume 8 10-ounce glasses of
      water per day.

      There you have it, five top fitness tips from one of North
      America's top personal trainers. Following these tips should
      help you become both healthier and happier. Are they easy? No,
      especially not with billions of dollars of advertising telling us
      we can eat chips and soda pop, and pressure from all sides to
      cram more things into the hours some of us might otherwise be
      exercising. Do what you can. Any improvement is better than
      none, right?

      Happy fitness.


      David Leonhardt publishes A Daily Dose of Happiness:
      Corey Ritter runs Body Design Personal Trainers:
      Watch his video fitness tips at:


      David Leonhardt publishes <a href=http://www.thehappy.com/daily-
      happiness-free-ezine.html>A Daily Dose of Happiness</a>. Corey
      Ritter is an <a href=http://www.bodydesign.biz/coreyritter>
      Atlanta Personal Trainer</a>. Watch <a
      href=http://www.myspace.com/coreyritter>Corey Ritter's video
      fitness tips</a> at MySpace.


      David Leonhardt
      The Happy Guy
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