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Top 10 Ways To Protect Yourself From Computer Viruses

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  • Jim Faller
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005

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      ================== ARTICLE START ==================
      As more and more people are becoming comfortable using their
      computers at school, home or in the office it�s only a matter
      of time before they encounter a computer virus. Here are our
      top 10 steps to protect you from computer viruses.

      Use a high quality anti-virus program. There are many different
      anti-virus computers programs on the market some of them are
      better than others. Look to reputable computer magazines or
      websites for ratings to help you find the one that matches your

      Always use your anti-virus software. Make sure your anti-virus
      software is always turned on and scanning, incoming and
      outgoing email messages, and any software programs you run.

      Keep your antivirus programs up to date. Most programs come
      with a yearly subscription make sure you take advantage of the
      updates. More advanced programs allow you to schedule updates
      or full system scans for �off hours� like 2AM when you aren�t
      likely to be using your computer.

      Keep your computer up to date. From time to time operating
      systems fall victim to security holes or issue updates. Make
      sure you check periodically to make sure you are running stable
      up to date versions of your software.

      Backup your data regularly. Most windows computer users keep
      their documents in the �My documents� folder. This makes it
      easy to back up all of your important documents. Make weekly or
      monthly copies to CD or USB drives.

      If you use floppy disks or USB drives on public computers like
      your school computer lab, Kinko�s, or even digital photo
      printing store make sure you scan them for viruses. Public
      computers are notorious for not being up to date and properly

      Be wary of email attachments. Treat any email attachment as
      potentially dangerous. Never open attachments from people you
      weren�t expecting. Also be careful of attachments from people
      you know but weren�t expecting. Many computer viruses replicate
      themselves by reading the contacts from an infected computer.

      Use text email if possible. While HTML email is prettier and
      allows you more control over formatting it also can carry
      computer viruses. If you use text based email the only way to
      get a virus is by opening an attachment.

      Use downloaded freeware and shareware files or software with
      caution. Try to download them from popular reputable sources
      that scan the programs before they are uploaded. To make sure
      you are safe scan the program before you install it on your

      Be wary of links in IM or instant messaging software. Don�t
      accept invitations from people you don�t know and never click a
      link from someone you don�t trust, they can easily redirect you
      to another website that will try to install a virus on your
      computer system.

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      About The Author: This article was written by Jim Faller of
      http://computers.6ln.com a website with information about
      viruses, spyware, adware, backups, data recovery and computer
      ================== ARTICLE END ==================

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