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Future of the Society

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  • List Moderator, The Society for the Study
    Dear list members, My apologies for being out of touch so long this year (and the previous one). Things have been chaotic (to say the least). For those still
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2010
      Dear list members,

      My apologies for being out of touch so long this year (and the
      previous one). Things have been chaotic (to say the least).

      For those still with us (and before your semesters draw to a close), I
      am hoping for some feedback on the following issues of relevance to
      the future of our virtual society.

      1) Kalamazoo sessions 2010: Neither Carl nor myself can attend
      Kalamazoo this year. Is there anyone available that would be willing
      to serve as "host" to our scheduled business meeting and/or distribute

      2) Kalamazoo sessions 2011: Any suggestions? I'd especially be
      interested in hearing from list members who would be interested in
      organizing a session or round table. We can offer one of each and will
      also be co-organizing a session on Arthurian Villains in Film/TV with
      the Alliance for the Promotion of Research on the Villains of the
      Matter of Britain.

      3) Conferences for 2011 and beyond: Let us know if anyone is
      interested in organizing a session at any other conference. In the
      past, the Society has run sessions at PCA/ACA, NEPCA, and the Plymouth
      State Medieval and Renaissance Forum, and we will continue to do so in
      the upcoming year (with respective sessions on "Arthurian Comics,"
      "Monstrous Medievalisms," and "Humour and Medievalism").

      4) Web presence (1)--Listserv(s): Yahoo! Mail seems to have outlived
      its usefulness. What are our alternatives? Ideally, I'd like to create
      a general list (or newsgroup?) for just "Popular Culture and the
      Middle Ages" and do away with the more focused ones. I'm especially
      looking for something that makes it easier to add people (for example,
      I think Lorraine, is still unable to post). Of course, the new
      listserv needs to be moderated and archivable.

      5) Web presence (2)-Ejournal: I know we've bandied this around before,
      but I'd seriously like to set up some type of e-journal this year,
      especially as I fall further behind on my projected collections. There
      seem to be several options for ejournals: a blog, a wiki/wikia (like
      Hortulus), a "real" ejournal (Image/Text or Heroic Age), or a hosted
      journal (like The Journal of Dracula Studies). We would also need a
      host (possible a university/college), an editor, and a board to vet
      proposals. In the interests of moving things along, I'd propose the
      first two volumes be devoted to medieval-themed TV and Beowulf on
      film/TV (my Reel Matter of Britain collection should see the light
      this year, I hope).

      6) The Blog: Please send me any links or information on books,
      journals, or conferences that might be of interest to the Society.


      Michael A. Torregrossa, Listserv Moderator/ Blog Editor
      The Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages
      Michael A Torregrossa and Carl James Grindley, Co-Founders
      The Arthur of the Comics Project Blog:
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