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Beowulf in popular culture conference (Oxford, Eng, 4/2008)

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    Came across this earlier in the week: The Faculty of English at the University of Oxford is hosting a one-day conference entitled Bone Dreams: Anglo-Saxon
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2008
      Came across this earlier in the week:

      The Faculty of English at the University of Oxford is hosting a one-day
      conference entitled "Bone Dreams: Anglo-Saxon Culture and the Modern
      Imagination" on 29 April 2008. Presentations include papers on
      films, fiction, and comics. I append the provisional program below. Full
      details at <http://www.medieval.ox.ac.uk/bonedreams.html>.


      REGISTRATION: 9.30�10.00

      SESSION 1: 10.00�11.00
      � Introductions
      � Chris Jones (St Andrews University)
      'From Heorot to Hollywood: *Beowulf* in its Third Millennium'

      COFFEE: 11.00�11.15

      SESSION 2: 11.15-12.30
      � Hannah Crawforth (Princeton University)
      ''Overlord of the M5': The Superlative Structure of Sovereignty in Geoffrey
      Hill's *Mercian Hymns*

      � Anne Marie D'Arcy (University of Leicester)
      'Taken for Pews with their Tails in their Mouths': Viconian *ricorsi *and
      the Tunc Page of the *Book of Kells* (TCD MS 58, fol. 200r) in *Finnegans

      � Rebecca Barr (St Peter's College, University of Oxford)
      No 'after-speakers': Peter Reading, 'species decline' and Old English poetry

      SESSION 3: 12.35-13.25
      � Rafal Boryslawski (University of Silesia)
      'I offer you things if you will but look�': On the poetic audacity of
      riddles, past and present

      � Heather O'Donoghue (Linacre College, University of Oxford)
      Seamus Heaney's norths

      LUNCH: 13.25�14.30

      SESSION 4A: 14.30-15.30
      � Joshua Davies (King's College London)
      'Treasures that crumble at the touch of day': The Absent Anglo-Saxon Past in
      *Remains of Elmet*

      � Anna Johnson (Brasenose College, University of Oxford)
      Suffering men and wounded trees' David Jones, *The Dream of the Rood*, and
      Anglo-Saxon literature

      SESSION 4B: 14.30�15.30
      � K. A. Laity (College of Saint Rose)
      'We'll Have to Invent a New Language': Medievalism and Gender Construction
      in Moira Buffini's *Silence*

      � John Halbrooks (University of South Alabama)
      *Beowulf* as 'A Distant Mirror' in P.D. James's *Death in Holy Orders*

      TEA: 15.30�15.45

      SESSION 5A: 15.45-17.00
      � Stuart D. Lee (University of Oxford)
      The Early English on Film: Just Mindless Saxon Violence?

      � Beth Tovey (Somerville College, University of Oxford)
      Beowulf's children: representations of masculinity in science-fiction and
      comic book versions of *Beowulf*

      � Catherine A. M. Clarke (Swansea University)
      Re-placing masculinity: The DC Comics *Beowulf* series and its context,

      SESSION 5B: 15.30�17.00
      � Robyn Elizabeth Bray (University of Glasgow)
      John Josias Conybeare and his Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

      � Maria Artamonova (Linacre College, University of Oxford)
      Writing for an Anglo-Saxon Audience in the Twentieth Century: J.R.R.
      Tolkien's Old English Chronicles

      � Andy Orchard (University of Toronto)
      Verse and Worse: Alistair Campbell's Old English Poetry

      BREAK TO COLLECT A DRINK: 17.00�17.15

      SESSION 6: 17.15-18.00
      Roundtable Discussion, chaired by Bernard O'Donoghue, including Michael
      Alexander, Vahni Capildeo and Chris McCully, followed by a reception to
      celebrate the publication of Chris McCully's new collection of translations
      from Old English, published by Carcanet.

      Michael A. Torregrossa, M.A.
      Co-Founder, The Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages

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