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Medieval-themed Panels at PCA/ACA 2008

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    The following is a listing of medieval-themed panels at this year s PCA/ACA conference coming up next month in San Francisco. Most of the sessions are run
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2008
      The following is a listing of medieval-themed panels at this year's PCA/ACA
      conference coming up next month in San Francisco. Most of the sessions are
      run under the Arthurian Legends or Medieval Popular Culture Areas (including
      two comics-related sessions organized by the society). Please support these
      presenters if you are in the San Francisco area.


      Michael A. Torregrossa, M.A.
      Co-Founder, The Society for the Study of Popular Culture and the Middle Ages

      PCAACA Medieval Themed Panels (complete program at
      2008 Joint Conference of the National Popular Culture and American Culture
      March 19 – 22, 2008
      San Francisco Marriott

      8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

      Yerba Buena Salon 15
      147 Southern Literature and Culture V: Slaying Time
      Chair: Jeffrey P. Cain, Sacred Heart University
      Paper 4
      "Memory in Walker Percy's Lancelot"
      Brianna Spann, University of South Carolina

      10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

      Pacific Suite E
      198 Tarot: A Tool for Navigation, Divination, Victimization, and Narration
      Chair: Emily Auger, Lakehead University
      Paper 5
      "The Lord of the Rings: From Tolkien to Tarot"
      Emily Auger

      Pacific Suite F
      199 British Popular Culture I: Tolkien: Fiction and Film
      Chair: John Greenfield, McKendree College
      "Tolkien, Gandalf, and Merlin Fiction and Film"
      Frank Riga, Canisius College
      "Tolkien's Powerful Women in The Silmarillion and The Lord of the Rings"
      Maureen Thum, University of Michigan-Flint
      "Tolkien's Mythic World in The Lord of the Rings: Fiction and Film"
      Judith Kollmann, University of Michigan-Flint
      "Retrospective: Tolkien and Film"
      Janet Croft, University of Oklahoma

      12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

      Pacific Suite E
      234 British Popular Culture II: Fin de Siècle Fiction and Film
      Chair: John Rogers, Vincennes University
      Paper 2
      "Black Arrows and White Archers: Adventuring with Stevenson and Doyle"
      Winona Howe, La Sierra University

      Sierra Suite E
      240 Arthurian Legend I: Vocalizing Arthur
      Chair: Jane Minogue, California State University, Northridge
      "Down the Severn and into Charleston Harbor: Operatic Merlins"
      Jerome V. Reel, Clemson University
      "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive: Bing Crosby's Musical Yankee"
      Carl Pyrdum, Yale University
      '"Sweet is True Love': Tennyson and Popular Music"
      Ann Howey, Brock University

      2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

      Golden Gate Hall Salon A3
      258 Science Fiction and Fantasy IV: The Author Is Not Dead: Analyzing the
      Choices Writers Make
      Chair: Garyn G. Roberts, Northwestern Michigan College
      Paper 2
      "The Choices of Turin Turambar: J.R.R. Tolkien's Manifested Destiny"
      Megan Grove, Sonoma State University

      Pacific Suite A
      265 Stephen King V: Roland to the Dark Tower Came: King's The Dark Tower
      Chair: Patrick McAleer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
      Paper 2
      "Riddles Wrapped in Mystery Inside Enigmas: Anglo-Saxon Literature as the
      Key to Unlocking the Ending of King's The Dark Tower Series"
      Jennifer Loman, California State University-Chico

      Sierra Suite C
      275 The Vampire III: Vampire Evolution: Vampire Hunters, Travelers, and
      Television (Super) Heroes
      Chair: Sarah Pierce, Pacifica Graduate Institute
      "Vampires as Travelees and Travelers"
      Ana Grinberg-Vandersip, University of California, San Diego
      "From Forever Knight to Moonlight: The Moral Vampire on Television"
      Melissa Anyiwo, Curry College
      "Redeeming the Underworld: The Vampire as Superhero"
      Sarah Pierce

      Sierra Suite E
      276 Arthurian Legend II: Recycling Arthur
      Chair: Elizabeth Sklar, Wayne State University
      "'The Tale of Balen': Swinburne's Other, Better Arthurian Poem"
      Thomas Hoberg, Northeastern Illinois University
      "'Favour of Makers': Writing Historical Fiction against the Historians"
      Roberta Davidson, Whitman College
      "Arthurian Legend as 'Found Myth'"
      Peter Goodrich, Northern Michigan University

      4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

      Yerba Buena Salon 1
      282 Shakespeare on Film and Television II: "Appropriating" Shakespeare
      Chair: Peter Babiak, York University, Canada
      Paper 2
      "Hamlet and the Business of Being Seen"
      John Garrison, University of California Davis
      Paper 4
      "'Every Inch a King?': Loncraine's Richard III and Branagh's Henry V"
      Roberta N. Rude and Susan J. Wolfe, University of South Dakota

      Sierra Suite B
      310 Arthurian Legend III: Out of Bounds
      Chair: Donald L. Hoffman, Northeastern Illinois University
      "Shifting Borders: Affective Geography in Arthurian Legend"
      Laura Denning, Independent Scholar
      "Playing with Gender in Arthur, King of Time and Space"
      Christina Francis, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
      "The Shrek Trilogy: Queering the Human, the Non-Human, and the Post-Human"
      Kathleen Kelly, Northeastern University
      "Swamp Chivalry: A Grail Knight for American Teens"
      Martin Shichtman, Eastern Michigan University
      Laurie Finke, Kenyon College

      Sierra Suite F
      313 Musical Theater II: The Musical and Literature, The Musical as Healer
      Chair: Samuel Goldstein, Daytona Beach College
      Paper 2
      "Spectacle in King Lear and The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
      Brianne Colon, Simon Fraser University

      Sierra Suite H
      314 Shakespeare, the Elizabethans, & the Early Modern World II: Identity
      Chair: Gregory J. Thompson, Rogers State University
      Paper 4
      "'Off, off, you lendings!' Apparel and Self in King Lear and Hamlet"
      Sally Romotsky, California State University, Fullerton

      8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

      Pacific Suite E
      411 British Popular Culture III: Mythic, Fantastic, and Uncanny British
      Chair: Craig Svonkin, Metropolitan State University of Denver
      Paper 1
      "Tales of Wales: Queen Mabinogi and the Philadelphia Experiment"
      Andrew Howe, La Sierra University
      Paper 2
      The Hunt is On: Re-workings of Welsh Mythology in Susan Cooper's The Dark is
      Rising and Diana

      Wynne Jones's Dogsbody"
      Valerie Solar, University of California, Riverside

      Sierra Suite A
      417 Medieval Popular Culture I: Hero(ine)s & Battles
      Chair: K. A. Laity, College of Saint Rose
      "The Hero as Woman: An Analysis of Terry Pratchett's Granny Weatherwax as
      the Medieval Heroic Archetype"
      Sara-Jane Rice, Widener University
      "Lady Death, Lady Pendragon and the Battleaxes: the Peculiar Guidelines for
      Medieval Women with Power in Modern Comic Books"
      Katherine Allocco, Western Connecticut State University
      "Portrait of Addiction"
      Linda Crippen, University of Texas, San Antonio
      "Reconfiguring Erotic Triangles in Mary Stewart's The Crystal Cave"
      David M. Faul, Southeastern Louisiana University

      Sierra Suite C
      419 The Vampire IV: But I Have No Reflection!: Vampiric Identity, Blood and
      the Classics
      Chair: Michele Braun, Northeastern University
      Paper 1
      "Angel: The Modern Quixote"
      Haley Stokes, University of Utah

      10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

      Yerba Buena Salon 5/Salon 6
      429 Visual Culture VI: Visualizations/ Contextualizations: Art and its
      Chair: Royce W. Smith, Wichita State University
      Paper 1
      "'Half Sick of Shadows': John William Waterhouse, V for Vendetta, and The
      Lady of Shalott"
      James R. Keller, Eastern Kentucky University

      Sierra Suite E
      455 Medieval Popular Culture II: Modern Theory in a Medieval Setting
      Chair: K. A. Laity, College of Saint Rose
      "Maps for an Armchair Traveler: Mappaemundi in the Manuscripts of
      Chet Van Duzer, Independent Scholar
      "'Traveling to Mecca to See Mohammed's Sarcophagus Hanging in the Air':
      Western Misconceptions of the Islamic Hajj from the Middle Ages Onwards"
      Sandra Sáenz-López Pérez, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
      "Just a Sword in a Field: Competing Realisms in Luc Besson's The Messenger"
      Jen Sopchockchai, Northeastern University

      12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

      Yerba Buena Salon 3
      463 Film Adaptation V: All the World's a Screen: Shakespeare and Adaptation
      Chair: Lezley Hiebert, Simon Fraser University
      Paper 1
      "MacBeth and The Godfather: Gender and Family"
      Christopher Carchidi, University of Washington

      Yerba Buena Salon 4
      464 Medieval Popular Culture III: Re-Inventing Heroism
      Chair: Constance G.J. Wagner, Saint Peter's College
      "'This film also does not involve SPAM': Erik the Viking as a Medievalist
      Anti-War Film"
      Christine M. Havens, University of Northern Iowa
      "Neil Gaiman's Beowulf: The Monsters and the Heroes"
      Kristin Noone, University of California, Riverside
      "'Hide in a hole if you must': Gnomic lore for the modern age in The 13th
      Laurel Lacroix, University of St. Thomas
      "Sacramentum Midgard: Frodo as Sacrament to Middle-earth"
      Constance G.J. Wagner

      4:30 – 6:00 p.m.

      Yerba Buena Salon 14
      540 Medieval Popular Culture IV: Comics from the Middle Ages to the Modern
      Chair: K. A. Laity, College of Saint Rose
      "The Cycle of the Life and Passion of Christ in the Bible of Ávila: A
      Spanish Medieval Proto-Comic"
      Monica A. Walker Vadillo, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
      "Jean d'Arras' and Couldrette's Mélusine depicted in Mélusine, fée serpente
      by Sophie Balland and Didier Quella-Guyot"
      Julia A. Nephew, Dominican University
      "Four Colored Medievalism: DC Comics' Beowulf, Dragon Slayer"
      Peter Lee, California State University, Northridge

      Golden Gate Hall Salon B2
      547 Comic Art & Comics XIII: Characters and Creators
      Chair: Charles Hatfield, CSU Northridge
      Paper 2
      "Grant Morrison's Arthur: The 7 Invisible JLA Soldiers of Victory"
      Jason Tondro, Univeristy of California Riverside

      Pacific Suite B
      553 Shakespeare on Film and Television IV: Visual and Aural Rhetoric in
      Shakespeare Adaptations.
      Chair: Karen Schneider, Western Kentucky University
      Paper 3
      "War and Image: Branagh's and Olivier's Battle of Agincourt"
      Robert Deignan, Western Kentucky University
      Paper 4
      "The Audience's Moral Dilemma in Richard III: Richard as Sympathetic
      Brooke Shafar, Western Kentucky University

      6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

      Yerba Buena Salon 14
      576 Medieval Popular Culture V: Discussion with Comics Creators
      Chair: Jason Tondro, University of California Riverside [corrected from
      Panel discussion with Christian Beranek, one of the creators of Dracula vs.
      King Arthur and Matt Hawkins, creator of Lady Pendragon and others (as
      schedules permit).

      Pacific Suite B
      586 Madness in Literature I
      Chair: Branimir Rieger, Lander University
      Paper 1
      "Same Madness, Different Methods: Crime and Detection in Caleb Carr's The
      Alienist and Matthew

      Pearl's The Dante Club"
      Russ Pottle, St. Joseph Seminary College, Louisiana
      Paper 4
      "Existential Madness in Walker Percy's Lancelot"
      Branimir Rieger

      8:00 – 9:30 a.m.

      Golden Gate Hall Salon A3
      632 Science Fiction and Fantasy XII: The "Others": Considerations of Race
      and Sexual Orientation
      Chair: Carol A. Bernard, Northeast Lakeview College
      Paper 4
      "From Here to Queer: Idyllic Male Intimacy in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of
      the Rings"
      Carol A. Bernard

      10:00 – 11:30 a.m.

      Golden Gate Hall Salon A3
      663 Science Fiction and Fantasy XIII: A Fickle Love Affair: Perspectives on
      Science Fiction and Technology
      Chair: Noam Cohen, Stanford University
      Paper 3
      "The Costs of Invention: The Making of New Technologies in The Dark is
      Rising Sequence and in the Chronicles of Narnia"
      Keith Dorwick, University of Louisiana, Lafayette

      12:30 – 2:00 p.m.

      Golden Gate Hall Salon A3
      697 Science Fiction and Fantasy XIV: Leaving a Mark: Adventures in Genre
      Chair: John Rieder, University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
      Paper 2
      "Understanding Fantasy: A Revealing Dig into the Fantastical Worlds in
      Books, Movies, and Television"
      Rayshell Palmer, Seminole State College

      2:30 – 4:00 p.m.

      Golden Gate Hall Salon B1
      731 Film XXIX: 300–Politics, Desire, Technology
      Chair: Marilyn R. Stern, Wentworth Institute of Technology
      Paper 3
      "The Sublimation of Message to Technology in Contemporary Film: An
      Examination of Snyder's 300 and Branagh's Henry V"
      Marilyn R. Stern, Wentworth Institute of Technology

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