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Fw: 1920s Arthurian Comic Strip (UK)

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      "Cuddles. A Flapper at King Arthur's Court" by Forbell. Kay Features Inc.
      Great Britain Rights Reserved. March 4/29, March 5, 29, May 6, 29. Toronto
      Canadian or British strip.
      British artist J. Millar Watt's "Pop" also ran here in the twenties as did
      Flo Lancaster and Thomas Maybank's "Uncle Oojah," kids comic with an Indian
      elephant hero. Oojah had everything ; balloons, captions; poetry.
      Bryan Munn tells me the Toronto Telegram had a number of strips as well as
      1933's "Men of the Mounted" and "Robin Hood" by writer Ted McCall who went
      on to work with Canadian comic book company Anglo American in the forties.
      I found one - a poor strip called "Charlie Chump An All-Canadian Comic
      Strip" by Harold B. West. (1924) British and Colonial Press. TT published
      cartoon contests for the readers, and judging by its quality- this would be
      where West was recruited. January 9, 1924 ;
      Anglo American ;

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