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Re: Morgan Le Fay and Brian Braddock; first meeting?

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  • Alan Stewart
    ... They didn t actually meet face to face, but both characters appeared in the 2nd issue of Marvel s 1990 Black Knight miniseries. Captain Britain came to
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2004
      --- In arthurian_comixlist@yahoogroups.com, "docsavage80" <docsavage80@y...>
      > Is this recent Avengers storyline the first meeting between Morgan Le
      > Fay and Brian Braddock?

      They didn't actually meet face to face, but both characters appeared in the 2nd issue
      of Marvel's 1990 Black Knight miniseries. Captain Britain came to the aid of the Black
      Knight (Sir Percy of Scandia's spirit in the body of Dane Whitman) in his quest to
      thwart the world-domination schemes of Morgan and Mordred. The Captain didn't
      hang around for the final face-to-face showdown in issue four, though.
      > I find this interesting, that this is the first time Morgan Le Fay
      > has crossed swords with the Captain Britain Corps version of
      > Otherworld/Avalon, because of the fact that Namor#62 gave an origin
      > for Morgan and Merlin which placed much doubt on the Merlin of
      > Camelot being the same being as the Merlin of Otherworld (see link).
      > http://www.geocities.com/ratmmjess/merlin.html
      > A lot of people found this origin strange; however it was backed up
      > later events in that storyline (namely, Morgan Le Fay did in fact
      > raise her island).
      > If anyone finds it strange that an Atlantean-derived culture would
      > call itself Avalon, one should remember that the word "Avalon" comes
      > from Celtic myth, and that the Atlanteans are the ancestors of the
      > Celtic peoples, as established in the Conan comics. Conan's people,
      > the Cimmerians, were descended from the Atlanteans, and the
      > Cimmerians in turn were the ancestors of the Celts. Conan the
      > Barbarian I#74 on page 23 notes that Mannanan and Lir served as gods
      > of the sea, and were passed down to the Cimmerians from the
      > Atlanteans.

      I'd forgotten about the link from Atlantis to the Celts via the Conan mythos. I've
      always assumed that the author of Namor #62 was following the lead of more recent
      Arthurian fantasy writers like Marion Zimmer Bradley, whose novels trace a direct link
      from Atlantis to Avalon.
      > The origin of Merlyn from Excalibur I#50 seemed too different from
      > Namor I#62. However, since it has been established that Merlyn goes
      > around masquerading as the Merlin equivalent of each Earth that he
      > deals with (for example, he impersonated the red-head Myrr of Earth-
      > 238), I guess we could say that Earth-616 had its own Merlin that
      > Merlyn impersonated.

      If all of Marvel's Merlin stories are to be considered canon, there are at least three
      different Merlins in Marvel continuity (the one from Atlantis, Merlyn of Otherworld,
      and the mutant Maha Yogi). An appearance by Merlin in a Marvel story could
      concievably be any of these unless the identification is specified. It may not be
      particularly useful to talk about "true" or "false" Merlins in the context of Marvel

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