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new comics and other "stuff" (April 2003)

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    Dear list members, I m posting this to both lists, since there are few comics solicited this month and more stuff that might be of interest to the larger
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2003
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      Dear list members,

      I'm posting this to both lists, since there are few comics solicited this
      month and more "stuff" that might be of interest to the larger group.


      As usual, advance notices are from 'Previews' 13.2 (Feb. 2003):


      Image Comics:
      Whiz Kids #1 by Gary Carlson and Ed DeGeorge (wr). B&W one-shot. 48 pp.
      Features a character named Galahad. Ties in the Big Bang universe
      (which I forget what that means).

      Marvel Comics:
      No Arthurian projects, but Marvel continues to alienate older readers in its
      shameless attempts to lure young readers away from video games and the
      Internet. This month--Marvel Tsunami is launched. (I can't wait for the
      X-universe to be re-vamped again this summer, so fans of the movie [X2] will
      be able to understand what's going on, because I have no I idea now.)

      Crossgen Comics:
      Scion TPB. Vol. 1: Conflict of Conscience. By Ron Marz (wr.). 192 pp.
      A re-sized re-release of the first 6 or 7 issues of 'Scion,' a
      science-fiction series set on a planet called Avalon and supposedly inspired
      by 'Prince Valiant'.

      Prince Valiant Vol. 47: Queen of the Amazons. By Hal Foster and John Cullen
      Murphey. Tabloid-sized. 48 pp. $16.95.
      Rpts. from 1977-78. Aleta visits the Amazons.

      Rebellion (UK):
      Judge Dredd Megazine #205. 100pp. $10.99 (!).
      Features the next installment of 'Slaine: Time Killer' in which the
      warp-spasming Celtic warrior does something else I forget.

      Wingnut Games:
      Tony Digerlamo's Travelers #21. B&W. 32 pp. $2.99.
      First issue with new publisher. A priest discovers a "holy relic."
      Might be the Grail.


      Monty Python and the Holy Grail stuff:
      King of the Swamp Castle 12-inch action figure, $40.00
      Prince Herbert 12-inch action figure, $40.00
      Baby Killer Rabbit plush, $9.95

      Witchblade Animated Series Action Figures, Series I (did anyone know about
      this series?)
      Witchblade, $13.00

      Osprey Publishing: [I can read some the authors this month]
      Roman Military Clothing (2): AD 200-400 [Men at Arms series], $14.95
      Michael Hicks, Wars of the Roses [Essential Histories], $14.95--contemporary
      with Malory
      Christopher Gravert, Towton 1471 [Campaigns], $18.95--recent studies have
      looked at this battle with comparison to Malory's treatment of combat in

      Babylon 5 Season 2 DVD Set, $99.98 (!)
      Challenge of the Superfriends: Attack of the Legion of Doom, $19.98 (VHS
      $14.95)--includes "Time Trap," which I think is Arthurian (but I'll double

      Also due out in April:

      Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets VHS ($19.95 online) & DVD ($14.95
      online)--featuring Gilderoy Lockhart and Albus Dumbledore, both members of
      the "Order of Merlin"
      Goodrich, Peter H., and Raymond H. Thompson. 'Merlin: A Casebook'.
      Routledge. $110.00.
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