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New Books August & September 2002

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    ... Shipping in August (from Previews 12.6) DC Comics: JLA: The Obsidian Age. 7-part story line that focuses on the return of Aquaman, who was killed of last
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2002
      As usual, the following are culled from Previews:

      Shipping in August (from Previews 12.6)
      DC Comics:
      JLA: The Obsidian Age.
      7-part story line that focuses on the return of Aquaman, who was killed of last year in Our Worlds at War (TPBs also solicited this month).  Prequel is in JLA 68 and arc runes from 69-75. 
      Image Comics
      Rex Mundi 0 $2.95. 
      What if magic worked in the 1920s?  Arthurian content unknown.
      Milton Caniff: Conversations.  Ed. Robert C. Harvey.  UP of Mississippi.  316 pp.  $18.00.  1-57806-438-4
      Caniff wrote one of the first Arthurian comics in an early 1930s arc of Dickie Dare.  Maybe he talks about it here.
      King Arthur in Popular Culture.  Eds. Elizabeth S. Sklar and Donald H. Hoffman.  McFarland, 2002.  Apx. $35.
      An indispensable collection for students of Arthurian popular culture.  Essays on Arthuriana as commodity, Arthurian TV (including one by list member, Bert Olton), Arthurian music, Arthurian Internet, and Arthurian comics (by list member Jason Tondro).
      The Language of the Comics: Word and Image.  Eds. Robin Varnum and Christina T. Gibbons.  UP of Mississippi P.  $18.00.  1-57806-414-7
      I glanced at this quickly when it came out.  It looks interesting. 
      Role-Playing Games
      Mongoose Publishing: Slaine: The RPG of Celtic Heroes.  192 pp.  Hc.  $39.95
      Introduction to the comic and game universe.
      White Wolf Publishing: Dark Ages--Europe.  $21.95
          Includes information on the "vampiric Baronies of Avalon"

      September 2002/Previews 12.7
      DC Comics
      JLA 72 by Joe Kelly.  $2.25
          The return of Aquaman. 
      Swamp Thing TPB--Vol. 1: Saga of the Swamp Thing  Wr. Alan Moore.  Art. Steve Bissette.  176 pp.  FC
          Rpt. Saga of the Swamp Thing Nos. 21-27 (last reprinted in Essential Vertigo: Swamp Thing).  Includes an non-Arthurian appearance by Etrigan. 
      Bud Plant
      Heroes, Inc. Presents: Cannon.  O/A.  32 pp.  $8.99
          A warehouse find from 1969.  Features Dragonella's adventures in Camelot.
      Prince Valiant Vol. 45: The Mark of Cain.  48 pp.  $16.95
      Prince Valiant Vols. 27: The Eternal Quest and 28: The Savage Girl.  O/A.  $16.95 each.
      Rolling Thunder Graphics
      The Rail Magnet Set.  $8.95
      Slaine: The Horned God Vol. 1.  By Pat Mills and Simon Bisely.  FC.  104 pp.  $14.95
          Rpt. from 2000 AD.  The warp-spasming hero becomes Hing King of Tir-Nan-Og.
      Slaine the King Deluxe HC.  O/A.  By Mills, McMahon, and Fabry.  144 pp.  B&W.  $24.95
          Rpts. early strips from 2000 AD.
      Monty Python and the Holy Grail 12-Inch Series 2 Action Figures.  $40.00 each
          Limited to 5000.  Sculpted by Oluf Hartvigson. 
      Monty Python and the Holy Grail 12-Inch Tim the Enchanter Figure.  $40.00
          Limited to 5000.
      Role Playing Games
      Moongoose Publishing:
          Slaine RPG: Invulnerable King game module.  $19.95
          Slaine RPG: Tir Nan Og sourcebook.  $19.95
      Osprey Publishing
          Medieval Siege Weapons (1), AD 585-1385.  $14.95
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