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  • Michael Torregrossa
    More news on Arthurian comics related films, and this time it s not a late posting :) Michael ... From: robworley To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 27, 2002
      More news on Arthurian comics related films, and this time it's not a late
      posting :)


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      Featured Weekly on Comic Book Resources
      Showtime has announced a debut date for Jeremiah, MGM Television
      Entertainment and Platinum Studios' new comic-based sci-fi show.
      The series will be launched with a two-hour movie airing Sunday,
      March 3, 2002 at 8:00pm (ET/PT).

      Jeremiah stars Luke Perry (Oz) and Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Malcolm
      & Eddie) and was created for television by fan-fave sci-fi and
      comics creator J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5, Rising Stars).

      Jeremiah is based on the Platinum Studios' award-winning graphic
      novel series by Belgian author Hermann Huppen. Set in the future,
      the series focuses on Jeremiah (Perry) who must navigate his way
      through a world populated by the survivors of a deadly epidemic
      that spared only those who had not yet reached puberty. Now those
      same survivors must find their way in a decadent civilization and
      attempt to create a new world order of hope.

      Jeremiah, a loner by nature, is joined by the naive but colorful
      Kurdy (Warner) on a quest to find the mysterious "Valhalla
      Sector," which Jeremiah's father may have escaped to. Together
      they set out on a journey beset by warring, rival social factions
      and young people who must make decisions without the wisdom of
      those who lived before them.

      Russell Mulcahy (Highlander, Queer as Folk) directs the shows

      Jeremiah marks a couple of firsts for comic related projects. It
      is the first European comic book to be adapted as a live-action,
      U.S. TV series. It is also the first TV series developed by
      Platinum's Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, who shepherded Men In Black
      from indy comic to becoming the highest-grossing comic-to-film
      adaptation of all time.

      After the feature-length debut episode, hourly episodes of the
      show will air in its weekly time-slot on Friday Nights at 10:45pm
      (ET/PT). The 20-episode is being produced by Jeremiah
      Productions, Inc. in association with Lions Gate Television and
      Platinum Studios and will be distributed by MGM Worldwide
      Television distribution.

      Straczynski will serve as the showrunner and executive producer,
      alongside Sam Egan (The Outer Limits). Perry, Joe Dante (The
      Twilight Zone), Michael Finnell (Teaching Mrs. Tingle), Rosenberg
      (Men In Black) and Ervin Rustemagic are executive producers.

      With the encore airing of the Witchblade movie set for tonight
      and season one encores set to begin airing next Monday, TNT has
      unveiled some nice updates to its Witchblade website.

      In the Media section four season-one clips are now available for
      viewing. Fans can click on "Aerial Motorcycle Battle", "Black
      Dragon VR Sequence", "Witchblade Dreams" and "A Walk Through The
      Fire". The clips are available in RealMedia and Windows Media

      The site also includes a new screensaver (Mac or PC version)
      available for download and the ability to send Witchblade eCards.
      There are six different eCards to choose from.

      Finally, the site provides a "behind the scenes" section which
      includes set photos and an interview with show runner Ralph

      Thanks to Dex for the scoop!


      The characters who populate the nostalgic Big Bang Comics are set
      to appear in an all-new feature film set to lens this summer.
      Philip R. Cable told Comics2Film that he is currently finishing
      up a script for Knights of Justice: The Movie.

      Fans may recall that Cable wrote, produced and directed a direct-
      to-video Knights of Justice short film which was released in
      2000. The low-budget video featured staple Big Bang characters
      Ultiman, Thundergirl and The Knight Watchman and also introduced
      a new character named Masker. Cable also appeared as the villain
      in that one.

      This time the previous heroes will be joined by Big Bang
      characters Blitz, Mike Merlin, the Beacon, and the Badge. The
      story focuses on the kidnappings of the world's finest scientists
      and the heroes individual adventures in rescuing them.

      Lorin Taylor, who played Masker in the original is set to reprise
      the role. Martial Arts star Leo Fong (Cage II) will play a

      The new feature-length movie will be a co-production of AAA
      American Entertainment and Entertainment Consortium Group.

      Just a week before its release in France, Asterix and Obelix:
      Mission Cleopatra has hit a speed bump in the form of rapper Joey
      Starr. According to Variety there is a legal flap over the use of
      Starr's hit single "Gazelle".

      Filmmaker Gilles de Maistre claims he purchased the rights to use
      the song in his low-budget film Ferocious. The filmmaker is
      seeking damages of $134,000. De Maistre claims that he had a
      contract to use the music in his movie but the record producer
      turned the rights over to the bigger-budgeted Asterix when those
      filmmakers showed an interest in it.

      Ferocious was completed in 2000 and will finally see release in
      France on April 17. The Paris High Court will hear the case later
      this week, according to Variety.

      Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra is the sequel to Asterix
      and Obelix Vs. Caesar, one of the most expensive and successful
      French movies ever made. The movie will open on 900 screens in
      France next week.

      Last summer Miramax announced it would be releasing both pictures
      in the United States. While note dates were set, the studio did
      say that they will likely release Cleopatra first, in order to
      capitalize on the popularity of that film's director Alain


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