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Wizard: The Comics Magazine #120

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    Two items of interest to this list in the most recent Wizard: The Comics Magazine No. 120 (September 2001). 1) The Paradise X Special Edition comic offers
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      Two items of interest to this list in the most recent Wizard: The Comics Magazine No. 120 (September 2001). 
      1)  The Paradise X Special Edition comic offers some hints to the future of Earth X.  For those following the two initial arcs (Earth X and the current Universe X), Paradise X will feature appearances from a number of characters from alternate earths and timelines.  Of relevance to this list, King Britain (Brian Braddock/Captain Britain) will wed Medusa of the Inhumans following Black Bolt's death and subsequent transfiguration into one of the Avenging Host. 
      2)  An intriguing letter appears on pages 13-14 of Wizard itself.  Jeremy Adkins of Spencer, IA compares the X-men to the Arthurian legends.  Some of his suggestions are unexpected though they might make for interesting discussion. 
          Professor X=Merlin, "the one who began it all" [personally, I think Marvel has established Prof. X as Arthur far to often to accept this suggestion]
          Cyclops=King Arthur because he is the "noble leader" [?]
          Phoenix/Jean Grey=Guinevere, "the wife of the king" [?]
          Wolverine=Lancelot, "a little reckless, but the best there is at what he does.  And he digs Jean"    [sounds interesting--though so did Tyr and Becca getting together on Gene Rodenberry's Andromeda]
          Colossus=Galahad [this works even better now that Piotir has sacrificed himself once the X-men achieved their "holy grail", the cure for the Legacy Virus"]
      Jeremy concludes somewhat weakly, "there are close to two hundred knights of the Round Table, and nearly as many X-men.  Try it yourself--you may see I'm on to something here.  Or maybe it is just the paint fumes."
      Jim McLaunchlin responses rather harshly, "C'mon.  Comics are geeky enough  without them Monty Python 'Holy Grail'-types wedging their way in via some convoluted 'Mutants o' the Round Table' angle.  It must be the fumes.  Didn't I tell you to only read your comics in  well-ventilated room?"
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