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  • Michael Torregrossa
    Sep 1, 2008
      In case you've missed them:

      Madame Xanadu (Vertigo) Nos. 1-2--Xanadu (I think) starts out as
      Nimue, sister to Morgan le Fay and betrayer of Merlin. Despite the
      Vertigo label, this is set in the DCU. Written by Matt Wagner of MAGE
      fame and DEMON Vol. 2.

      Caliber (Radical) Nos. 1-5--Western-set retelling of the legend.

      Captain Britain and MI:13 (Marvel) Nos. 1-4--Written by Paul Cornell
      (who also write a DOCTOR WHO novel set in Avalon). Tie-in to Skrull
      Invasion crossover and a sort of sequel to Cornell's WISDOM. The
      Skrulls invade Britain and try to take over Avalon. Avalon falls very
      easily, but it is re-taken by the British and native supernaturals, in
      part, by the reappearance of Captain Britain who briefly wields
      Excalibur. The first arc ends as a woman frees the Sword from the Stone.

      Lords of Avaon: Sword of Darkness (Marvel) Nos. 1-6--A Gothic romance
      based on the novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon, this series is set 300 (?)
      years after Camelot fell. Many characters are (I think) descended
      from Arthurian figures, and Morgan le Fay is still active.

      Trinity (DC) Nos. 1-: Morgan le Fay is one of a trinity of villains
      pit against the trinity of heroes: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.
      The villains seek to usurp the heroes unique place as "keystones" of
      the new DC multiverse.

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