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785Merlin in Gargoyles comic #8

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  • Michael Torregrossa
    Sep 11, 2007
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      Coming soon:

      GARGOYLES (2006) #8
      Issue: 8
      (Amaze Ink)

      GARGOYLES #8
      by Greg Weisman & David Hedgecock 'Clan-Building,' Chapter 7. From
      the Holy Land to the British Isles everyone wants a piece of the
      Rock. Xanatos, Macbeth, Coldsteel, Thailog, Merlin, Cu Chullain and
      the gargoyles strive to find it, possess it and learn its darkest

      Retail Price:$3.95 You Pay Only Or Less: $3.56
      Maximum Discount: 10% (10% if ordered after Order Date)
      Bonus Book: No
      New Item: No
      First Issue: No
      Last Issue: No
      Current Facilitated Crossover:
      Order Date: 2007-09-29