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72Captain Britain news (Universe X; Excalibur: The Sword Is Drawn)

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  • Alan Stewart
    Oct 3, 2000
      Marvel's "Universe X" issue 2, now on sale, features a variety of
      Arthurian elements associated with Captain Britain.

      In this alternate-future story, Brian Braddock is "King Britain."
      Flashbacks to episodes of his own series, "Excalibur," and "Knights of
      Pendragon" describe his origin (involving Merlin and the Siege Perilous)
      and his later history with Merlin and other Arthurian figures and
      settings, moving into as-yet untold accounts of the downfall of the
      Excalibur team (including the Black Knight) and King Britain's
      acquisition of Arthur's sword (unnamed, but presumably Excalibur).
      Merlin and the Siege Perilous also figure into the current action of the

      Meanwhile, in this month's solicitations in the Previews catalog and on
      online retail sites, Marvel is advertising the December publication of
      the first issue of a new Excalibur miniseries which, judging by the
      descriptive text and cover art, appears to be following the lead of
      "Universe X." The following description is from the Westfield Company's
      web site at: http://westfieldcompany.com

      EXCALIBUR: SWORD OF POWER #1 - [of 4]
      Raab/Pablo Raimondi) In the wake of
      break-up, Brian Braddock and his wife
      Meggan at last
      lead "normal" lives. But their peace is
      shattered when
      Brian learns that a mysterious knight has
      his birth planet, Otherworld. Now only
      Captain Britain,
      and his companions Psylocke and the Black
      have a hope of bringing this fiend down.

      -- Alan