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719Re: [arthurian_comixlist] Arthurian comics for school lessons

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  • Jason Tondro
    Mar 7, 2006
      This is a tough one.

      Perhaps the biggest problem is accessibility -- even if you are able
      to find comics that are close to the sources you mention, good luck
      finding enough copies of the comic to give out to your class! While
      there have been trade collections of comics which use vintage
      translations of Beowulf ("Beowulf," Gareth Hinds writer & artist) and
      the Song of Roland ("Roland: Days of Wrath", Shayne L. Amaya writer,
      Fabio Moon, artist) as the only text for the book, I can't think of
      an equivalent Arthurian comic. Caliber's "Legends of Camelot" effort
      produced stories based on particular episodes -- Gereint and Enid,
      the finding of Excalibur -- but nothing as canonical as the "birth of
      Arthur" story from Geoffrey or Chretien's Knight of the Cart. "Prince
      Valiant" is relatively easy to get -- it has been collected and
      published in folio-size editions from Fantagraphics -- but that story
      (while true to the spirit of the Arthurian legends, and well
      researched) is a "medievalism" rather than medieval lit.

      Since you seem to still be looking for options, I might recommend an
      approach that uses a highly illustrated prose edition rather than a
      comic, such as one with Howard Pyle's justly famed illustrations.
      Pyle's work is in the public domain by now, which has the added
      advantage of making your book inexpensive. This would be Mallory,
      however, or a Mallory redaction, rather than Geoffrey or Chretien.

      Good luck,
      Jason Tondro
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